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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dragon Fruit anyone......

On the way into La Plata Lorrie and I noticed a couple plants we hadn't seen before. Being as muddy as the road is right now it sorta lends itself to a slow drive. This was beneficial because it allowed us to see some things we hadn't before, like the dragon fruit. I had no idea what it was until I googled it.  Here's a picture I took:

This was about the size of a baseball. From what I've read it's full of vitamin C and antioxidant's. We saw of number of these.  More info on Dragon Fruit can be found here

Second thing we saw on the way in was lots and lots of Latana in bloom. Strange that I've never noticed it growing before. It's one of our favorite plants back home. Here's a shot of it growing along the road down to La Plata:

Not many people on La Plata today. We did meet a couple from Poland, who know live in the states. They were down with friends. We hung out with them for a long time over near the gallery. Suppose to hook up for drinks tomorrow night. Lester (the husband) and I struck up a political conversation. We both think along the same lines. It was great to talk with them and get there views on the U.S. as compared to Europe.

Experienced something else at La Plata we haven't before, lightning and thunder. I real angry storm looked to be heading our way. Because of all the lighting we opted to shag out. I was wanting to drive to the very end of La Chiva, just out from Blue Tang reef, and take a look at the storm to see how long it might last. When we drove past turnout 15 there was a chain across the road. No admittance because of unexploded ordinances. So we just hung out at turnout 15 while it was raining.  There's a wooden pavilion there and we sat and drank a couple beers. Did get a chance to see some really serious vines growing in the trees around the pavilion, you definitely get that jungle feel.

Rain seemed to have let up and we couldn't decide whether to go back to La Plata, hang out on La Chiva or go into town to get something to eat.  In the end we opted to hang out at La  Chiva. We Drove down to turnout 4 or 5 not really sure.

La Chiva is really a beautiful beach for walking. I many times forget just how gorgeous it is. Also it has a lot more shells than La Plata.

I was content just to sit down and take in the vista, beer in hand. Lorrie opted to take a stroll along La Chiva.

 I spent my time watching the plovers feed in the surf.
When Lorrie got back from her walk, shells in hand (but no crabs shells this time) she was anxious to show me what someone had created down the beach. She told me someone had lined up coconuts making a sort of sidewalk up to some really nice palms. I grabbed the camera and heading down the beach to check it out.

and naturally Lorrie had to walk the path...

 These palms that the pathway lead up to were huge. Really beautiful trees. I believe this is turnout 1 on La Chiva.

While Lorrie was admiring the palms I was checking out the coconuts lines the walkway and thinking "there sits some great coconut water and coconut meat"

and it wasn't long before both Lorrie and I were enjoying some fresh coconut.

Closed the beach out headed back to the house.

Might try for jumping rock tomorrow.


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  1. Love seeing the Lantans in bloom now. When we have our ceremony next November, we were going to use whatever was in bloom. But we had no idea as we always travel in the summer.