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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back from shopping trip...

Just got back in from shopping. Went to the vegetable market first thing. I hope the guys there didn't get offended because of me taping. If I could speak some decent Spanish I would have ask them..but I can't. Something we need to work on. Anyway...I got video of the market and what fruits and vegetables are available. This for anyone who might be curious about it. I know it would have been nice if I could have seen something like that before we came last time.


So..after that we headed into Isabel to visit Blackbeards Sports. I was looking for some sandals or flip-flops. Yes...I didn't bring any. Anyway find a nice set. Lorrie found a swim suit and being the smart shopper that she is, she bartered with the guy about some spots on the suit. She got a 20% discount...that's my girl. Talked with one of the guys there about the water clarity. I was asking if it was due to all the runoff from the rain. He said yes and that he had cancelled a snorkeling tour yesterday because of it. Nice shop..Blackbeards. Went to a  couple other little shops and picked up the Vieques book  that we've seen around town, couple T-shirts and such. Ended up finding a place called "Roys Coffee shop and Lounge". Really nice place and they had ESPRESSO!!!!!!!!!!!! We were both going through espresso withdrawl. You see.. we're used to at least a quad-shot  in the morning. Start your morning off with a bang! We had brought our own beans and grinder, but have only been drinking coffee...big difference. Left Roys and wandered around town peeking in little shops and just people gazing...taking it all in.

Last stop before heading back to the casa was Morales....and we must have hit it at the wrong time or something because it was packed. They do have EVERYTHING there though. Nice store. Really got to watch the locals while we were waiting in line (took 45 mins to check out). I think that maybe today there was some sort of government aid release because we saw a lot of people outside the bank on the way to Morales and a lot of them used gov. checks to pay with (at least that's what it looked like). Seems no matter where you go that part of society creeps into your experience. Hate to see such wonderful people reliant on that kind of aid, but this is the world we live in. There was this nice quite elderly woman behind us in line. She was smartly dressed and looked quite handsome. She stood there patiently just waiting to check out, moving out of the way as people shopped. When they opened up an adjacent line a  gentleman in front of us offered it to us, seeing as we only had a few items. I thanked him.  Lorrie and I went over to the line. Then she looked at me and I knew what she was thinking. We stepped aside and let the elderly lady checkout...we are visitors here.

So..now we're back at the house checking out the radar...might head out to look for some sea glass.


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