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Monday, November 8, 2010

the beach...finally

Made our way to Blue beach early this morning. Weather was great and the water was perfect. Stayed there until 1pm or so. Left Blue beach and went to Orchid beach. We were unable to visit Orchid beach when we were here in March because of road (I use that term loosely) closures. Orchid is much smaller than Blue but it lays right next to some of the restricted areas so we can possible snorkel out to the edge of it. Met a guy from  Rochester,  New York while we were on Orchid beach. This was his second trip to Vieques. He's a retired dairy farmer. His wife and him take a two week sailing trip through the BVI (new acronym, British Virgin Islands) every year. They rent a sailboat and 6 of them (two other cpls go) sail for two weeks. He said it's undescribable. He uses a place called Conch Charters : http://www.boatbvi.com/bareboatcompanies/Conch-Charters.htm  Said we've got to do it sometime. He has a favorite island in the BVI's that's nothing more than an 8 mile sand bar. He said it has one of the largest reefs in the carribean. Sounds like something we would enjoy.

I've uploaded another video but it's not showing up on youtube yet...I think there's a lag from when I upload to when they're available.

I'll put the links up later. We just ran back to the house for lunch and are going into Esperanza now to do some shopping.

Hasta pronto

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