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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day at the beach....

Wanted to get an early start today because it's been raining later in the afternoons. I woke up around 5am or so. Made coffee and waited for sleeping beauty to get up. Can't say I blame her though...it's so relaxing here on the island. Lorrie got a picture of me drinking my coffee and uploading videos on the veranda:

So after a breakfast of coffee, eggs and this cinnamon bread that they bake here we headed out. I believe it was about 7:30am when we hit the beach. I decided today to make some kind of shelter to block the sun. Below you can see I'm trying to put together the frame-work. All you have to do is grab a few straight branches and some of this vine that laying all over the beach. After you get it all lashed together you just throw on a few palm leaves and voila!

Here you can see how I was really concentrating...Lorrie thought it was funny.

And finally I'm throwing on the palm fronds.

And her's Lorrie sitting outside the shelter...of course.

We were at the beach about 6 hours today. Had great weather and then a little after noon the storm clouds starting forming.

We stayed at the beached right up until the rain hit. It looked sureal with the black clouds coming in. Water was a strange sort of color.  Rained like hell too.

Here's Lorrie in the water watching the storm come in.

It was probably a good thing because we both got a little sun burned today. After we left the beach we headed into Isabell because on Tuesdays and Wednesdays there's a fruit and vegetable truck that is set up along the road. When we pulled up to the truck it was raining like I've never seen it before. Water was running down the street. Three guys were hanging out until a flimsy PVC sort of shelter. After waiting for what seemed like forever for the rain to abate we said what the heck and jumped out of the jeep. There was litterally water running ankle deep. I looked over one of the tables they had lined with fresh fruit and the guy was standing on a plastic tray to try and stay out of the water. We picked out a few grapefruit, papya,apples, bananas and some sort of melon. When we were paying it was then I noticed the extension cord running from the truck to the electronic scale and the cash regester. They had a power strip plugged into the extension cord and had it loosely tight up to the table. All this while we are all standing in ankle deep running water....crazy...I'm telling ya.When we got back to the house the power was out...which we fiqured by all the rain and lightening. We crashed and took a nap. Headed out into town tonight to eat and maybe do "Lazy Jacks"


  1. Hey Curt & Lorrie,

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog posts/videos and I live right here on the island -- just up and over the ridge from you. You have the right attitude about the rain. The scene at the beach must have been amazing. I saw it from Esperanza. Keep up these posts and hope to see you around.


  2. You mention a bread they make there? Would you share where you found it....we did not have much like finding typical baked goods.

    1. We were buying the cinnamon bread from the Green Store on this particular trip, it's sold at different places on the island. There's also some wonderful bread you can pick up at the vegetable market on Tues and Weds by the GE plant. That bread is made by Bayaonda.

  3. Is it like a sliced loaf of bread? Would it be sold at Morales?

    1. No the cinnamon bread we bought in a loaf, sorta like french bread. Morales has sliced white bread. I know that the cinnamon bread is also sold at one of the gas stations. You can also go to the website

      and see pictures of the artisen bread sold at the vegetable market.

  4. Thanks! I e-mailed her directly! We are determined to find more breakfast options this next trip!