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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last full day....

First a message to Peter.

The jeep did fine other than it died a few more times during the week. We told Maritza's of the problem when we returned it. It was a pleasure to meet you to Peter and I hope to see you again soon.

Ok...back to the last full day. After coffee we decided to go to Playa Caracas because it had been so nice the day before. We also decided to try and take a different route to 997, the one that Peter had told us about when we met him at Bananas. Somehow I think we must have taken a wrong turn because we didn't end up on the winding road he was talking about. We did end up going by some sort of playground for young kids that was on a nicer paved road. None-the-less we did hit 997 and headed out for Caracas. We were the first ones there and the water was quite still and clear as glass. It didn't take long for us to decide to head out to the eastern point and do some more snorkeling. The video I got this time was much better because there wasn't nearly as many waves. We snorkeled for a good hour or so. Here's a few clips of the snorkeling. (I know...enough with the snorkel videos):

If you can't see the video click here

If you can't see the video click here

Then we went walked down to the western side of the beach and took a few pictures:

When we walked back a few other people had arrived. Lorrie ask one woman if she would take a picture of the both of us, especially since we had none yet. Here's the only shot of the two of us together:

Later in the morning we ran into the guy who had gotten stuck on the road to Puenta Areanas (Shawn) and his wife (Nicki). I told Shawn that I had put some video of him on the blog. He got a laugh out of it. They were flying out later that afternoon.

We spent 4 hours on Caracas Friday. The weather was perfect. Sometime just before noon or so a nice boat came almost up to the beach. I took a few shots of it...oh and Lorrie:

Here's just a goofy shot of our legs:

After that we headed out for Esperanza. We were looking for another noodle for snorkeling. Yesterday with the big waves I learned how valuable one of those can be. Keeps you much more buoyant and you don't have to expend nearly as much energy snorkeling. It's almost a necessity when trying to film. We only had one noodle and were planning on heading out to Puenta Arenas for the rest of the day. We ended up finding a noodle in Esperanza. Can't think of the name of the place, but it is next to Diva's Closet and the owners name is Denise. She had exactly what we were looking for. After that it was on to Puenta Arenas, via 995 this time. No more jungle excersions for us, we've earned our stripes.

When we arrived at Puenta Arenas someone had our spot. Yes our spot. Our specific spot. The one we claimed ownership of the prior evening. (Strange how we tend to take ownership of something we've only seen for a few hours.) Anyway we camped out to the north, on the next spot. We were both so tired from the morning at Caracas that we decided to just chill under a coconut palm and drink a few Coronas. It was sometime during the second Corona that the person in "our spot", happened upon us. She was a teacher from the east coast (met so many people from the east coast while we were on the island). She was trying to find a place to snorkel. (I'm thinking...HELLO...it's like right in front of you. You've already got the BEST spot). She proceeded to tell us that her girlfriend had said that this area was good for snorkeling. I mentioned that I too had heard the same thing. I also told her about all the reefs that were right out in front of us and how they came nearly up to the beachfront. She disagreed and said the darker blue areas I was seeing was sea grass. Hmmm...then why the buoys just out from it I ask? She hadn't noticed them. I told her we were heading out to snorkel in just a few minutes. She ask that we let her know if we found the coral. She was there with her two daughters and husband. Great lady..we talked for a very long time about a plethora of things. Such interesting people we've met.

So...about the snorkeling. We hit coral and fish as soon as we got into the water. Not sure how they missed it but they did. The only place we didn't see any fish or coral was right out from our original spot, the one she had taken. How about that..fate has a way...

It wasn't long before the lady and one of her daughters were right out there in it with us. She was pleased and smiled at me saying "You've found it!" Lorrie and I snorkeled a long way southward down along the beach. The rock and coral along that section runs right up to the beach. It makes getting into and out of the water quite difficult. At one point we had to get out and walk, it was just too far. Here's some video of when we got out to walk:

If you can't see the video click here

Good thing we had the noodles too. We are going to invest in a couple of floatation vests for our next trip. By the time we found a spot to finally get out of the water, we were totally exhausted. That was some of the biggest reef we've seen. We saw a lot of larger fish too. I got some decent video of a boxf fish. (yeah...yeah...more snorkeling videos I know)

If you can't see the video click here

We walked along the beach back to our NEW favorite spot. I was just ready to sit and wait for the sunset. Lorrie layed down at the edge of the water and crashed after just one Corona. I think she even may have fallen asleep. I saw her laying there and grabbed the camera for some pictures. Here's some of the ones I took:

While I was taking these shots a sailboat came in an anchored. I got a few shots of it with her in the foreground:

Here's a shot of just the sailboat:

Lorrie woke up and saw me taking pictures of her. So she just had to snap one of me. I like the looks of her better:

While we were sitting there this older gentleman comes by from up the beach north (that's behind me in the picture above). I noticed him kinda fiddling around up beach from us. Not sure what he was doing. He came down to us and ask if we had any phone reception, in very broken english. He explained to me that he was stuck, in the very same spot as Shawn had been the day prior. Lorrie and I both got a laugh out of it. I checked our phones and and we too had no phone reception. But I told the gentleman that I had seen a young woman just down the beach texting and I was sure she had reception. (It was one of the daughters of the lady we met). He went over to ask her and was able to get some help. He lives on the island. He came back and thanked me. Such nice people, I didn't do anything, but he felt compelled to thank me.

Lorrie and I sat there watching the sun slowly set, not really saying anything. Just drinking our Coronas and taking it all in. It was perfection. Lorrie looked at me and said that a week is just not long enough because it seemed as though we had just now struck the right chord with the island and were in tune. I agreed.

We ended up getting our sunset. It had taken all week to develope but was worth the wait. Here's a few shots I took:

I knew when I took this below below that the light wasn't right, but I took it anyway. Lorrie had put on her blue dress and even though you can't tell it in the picture it was a beautiful shot:
I was so mellowed from the beautiful sunset (and my fair share of Coronas) that I suggest to Lorrie that we head out to "Next Course". She got a big smiled and said "why thank you Curtis". Ha...I know I rack up major brownie points when she says that.

Ok...hold onto your seats. (sorry but we're easily impressed). Here's what we had:

Lorrie starts off with a mojito, of course. I've already had enough Coronas so I just do tea. First course consists of local caribbean lobster wontons, asian style slaw, coconut red curry broth for Lorrie. Donna's bayou shrimp, drunk in house lager beer over fried polenta for me. Yum!

Second course we both do baby spinach, apple wood bacon, crumbled blue cheese, red onion & cranberry cider vinaigrette. We had this in March and loved it!

Third course was a herb crusted ribeye over wild mushroom risotto, shoe string shallots and red wine balsamic reduction.

Let me tell you folks that IS the perfect way to end a perfect week in Vieques.

One last note. I'm typing this as we're flying to North Carolina to connect with a flight back to Indy. Today was the first day in 6 that Lorrie or myself have really cared about what time it is or what day it is. And furthermore it's the first in 6 that we've worn pants and SOCKS. I even forgot to check the markets. I was so turned around that when I did finally check the futures this morning I was confused by the data and Lorrie informed me "it's Saturday Curt".

So that's it. Back to the real world. I'll miss the roosters in the morning and the clippity-clop of the wild horses going down the street outside the casa. The smell of the ylang ylang tree outside the veranda and the breeze thru-out. We'll miss it all just long enough to prepare for the next trip. Right now we're trying to decide if it's 4 months away or three.

Hasta Luego Vieques


  1. Wonderful wrap-up! You guys are great and truly "get" this island. Look forward to seeing you again. AND, whatever workout you two do sure has results. You both look awesome!

  2. Wonderful blog & pictures! We also stayed at Casa Dos Chivos last March, and enjoyed ourselves very much. Loved the horses walking up the hill, the roosters & the pigeons next door! Thanks for taking us on an excursion back to one of our favorite places -- Vieques. Well done!

  3. I was looking at some of our pics from Vieques and thought to look up your blog. We love your blog; what a great way to document your vacation. Funny to hear someone got stuck where we did days later. Guess it wasn't TOTALLY Jason's fault, lol! Glad you got some extra pretty days to enjoy. I liked the pics from your first vacation too. So cool that you snorkeled to the little island off of...I think it was Blue beach. If we go back, we totally want to try that. Hope for GOOD, sunny weather though! It was great meeting you and your wife. Have fun with all of your adventures! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Nikki and Jason

  4. Thanks Nikki...we're sitting here in San Juan as I type. We fly over to the island this morning. Hope to get back to green beach and past the area were Jason got stuck. Nice to meet you guys two. You did see the video of Jason...right? It's on the post "worst road on the island".

    Curt and Lorrie