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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday morning

Sunday morning.........

 Awoke to the roosters crowing, litterally, they're everywhere.  We didn't get onto the island until 9pm last night, we were supposed to get here @ 5pm. Took two tries in the puddle jumper to make it. The pilot turned back on the first try, which was 2 hours after we were supposed to, so....it was pitch black with lightening. Visability was only 3 miles and since he has to see the airport in order to land we turned back. We tried again around 8:30pm and made it. Everyone (which was 8 of us) clapped when the pilot finally landed the plane on the island.

 Our next problem was that the airport closes @ 9pm and we still had to get to the rental car place, which closed @ 6pm and get our jeep. The caretaker of the house had left the keys with the owner of the rental car business. So...not only did we not have a vehicle, we also didn't have the keys to the house that we've never been to before.  But after a few phone calls "ivonne", the caretaker, got things in motion. We  ended up with  a 2010  Jeep Wrangler thats white.

Found the house with no problem. Unloaded luggage and headed to Lazy Jacks. Had a couple Coronas and a kamikazee on the house.

Headed into town this morn to get supplies.

Hasta luego


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