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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday morning...

Hola! .....(spoken softly cause Lorrie is STILL sleeping)

It's Wednesday morning and very cloudy out right now. There's this low pressure hanging over the island. What's really strange about the whole thing is that it doens't bother us? Can't explain it...Lorrie and I both commented about it last night when we were at Island Adventures eating. There's like this smile you carry around when your here and everything is kewl. Maybe we're just weird or something but this is how it works for us. We had decided before we made this second trip to the island that it would be a test. If we loved it as much as we did the last time then it's a winner. And...it's a winner...even with the daily rain showers.

It was interesting watching the people at Island Adventures get ready for their trip to the bio-bay last night. We...being  ardent veterans of the tour, just sat back and watched. (Actually we went there because the food is good and very reasonable.).

We ended up going to Lazy Jacks after we ate. Ran into Cameron, he's a guy we met in San Juan when we where flying in, or trying to fly in. He been absolutely hammered everytime we see him out. His brother lives here on the island. They're both really nice guys. He had three shots of Jack lined up on the bar when we arrived and by the look of him he didn't really need them. Lazy Jacks is a kewl place...nothing really extraordinary about it...well other than the people. It's appeal to us is it's consistancy. It's exactly the same everytime we go. They're shoving kamikazee's at you, some great music is playing and everyone is having a great time. Here's some video I shot last night. It was really dark so the quality is not very good:


I'm eating some fresh papya this morning as I upload...it's the best.

Today we're going to run some errands this morning..maybe look for some sea glass on the atlantic side. Thought about trying to find the black beach. I plan on filming the road we take to 997 from the rental, it's kinda unique.

Oh..and Peter..thanks for the comment. Your the first one ever!  Nice to know this is not all in vain.


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