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Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally it's coming together...

Note to self: plan WELL in advance to vacation in Vieques.

 I can't stress enough how important it is to plan in advance for a trip to Vieques. I mean like 6 months in advance. There are so many different elements that need to come together.

We are now  in the final stages of finishing our next trip to the island. This next trip should make for some good blogging, given how much moving around we're doing. We have, for the last two trips, been having problems arriving on the island before 6pm.  Just can't make it into San Juan out of Indianapolis prior to 4pm. Three weeks ago we were 4 hours late getting on the island. It was 9pm when we arrived and the airport was shutting down. Your not going to find any publicos outside the airport at that time of night. So with this in mind we decided to spend the night in San Juan and fly out the next morning, Sat,  to the island. We are staying at  the Best Western San Juan Airport . From what I've read it's within walking distance of the airport so no need for a taxi or car. We are then taking the 8:10 Cape Air  flight to the island. 

Once we make it to the island  it gets kinda crazy. We  are going to stay 1 night at a  CHEAP place on the island (this has yet to be found, we're still searching). The  reason we're having the one-nighter on Veiques  is  because we couldn't check into Quinta Jabali until Sunday. We are both looking forward to our stay at Quinta Jabali. The web site for the place is stunning. After we are there for a week we head back to Casa Dos Chivos for another week (Casa Dos Chivos  is perfect and fits us). If Casa Dos Chivos was available we would have probably booked it for the whole two weeks.

So that's it...just 12 weeks to wait.



  1. Hi Curt, Has Casa Dos Chivos still be your fav rental. We are looking at renting a large place on our next visit and see it has a three bedroom option. thanks!

  2. Bang for the buck we like Casa Dos Chivos. It's location works for us and Michael and Patrick have done a great job making the place comfortable. You might also check out Casa La Vista. It's large and is probaly one of the quietest places we've stayed at.