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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rosetta Stone

In an effort to thwart the depressing nature of these gray November days here in Indiana we've decided to try and learn the native lanquage of Vieques. Last night we purchased Rosetta Stone, Espanol. It was $250 for level one, 550 or something for 1,2 and 3.  Against my daughters recommendatoins, she's a first year college student and has had 2 years of high school spanish, we bought just level one.  We will update how well we like it.

When we were in Vieques a week ago we were unable to order food from a place on 201 across from the GE plant. They sold chicken and ice cream. The menu is all in spanish and we were looked at sort of oddly when we walked.  It seemed to be a local hangout. I noticed whenever we drove by that there were lots of cars parked in front of the place. After a half-hearted attempt to read the menu we opted to leave. Now I'm sure if we had told the person behind the counter that we couldn't read the menu they would have helped us, but for whatever reason it just didn't seem appropriate.  We had both said to each other that we really needed to make the effort to learn the language.

Just by some chance a spanish speaking person happens to read this....Is the ll in ellas or ellos pronounced with a y or with a j sound? My daughter was taught to say it like "ajah", although the Rosetta stone says it like "ayah" sometimes and like "ajah" other times.


  1. Hi. In most Caribbean islands, the "ll" at the beginning of a syllable (as is the case in "ellas/ellos"), and especially at the beginning of a word, is pronounced like the j in Joe.

  2. Thank you...my daughter will love this. She's been telling me it's a dialect thing.