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Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to the real world....

Back to the real world, that's what I told Andre on our last day out at La Plata. Andre corrected me "back to the other world, this is the real world."  That's Andre and Judy's view on life and just being around them is good medicine. The other world, in our case was crowded airports, coach seats (unlike our first class flights down to Vieques), 70 MPH interstates (spend two weeks on Vieques going no more than 35 mph and see how hitting the interstate right after landing affects you),  going to Walmart before heading home to get groceries and seeing so much sheit for sale that you wonder "why in the world do we need all of this?"

Getting acclimated to returning from vacation is tough, doing it after a two week stent in Vieques is torture. Grays days back home and mid 20 degree temperatures almost throw one into shock, but we'll manage. This was our 7th trip to Vieques and even with all the drama with Fish and Wildlife, it was one of our best trips. Lorrie and I long for the time when we buy a one way ticket.

Ok..Enough pinning about Vieques. I'll close out this trip with a couple pictures Judy took on our last day at La Plata. First one is Lorrie doing what we do best, curating the gallery.

Here is the only picture from this trip with Lorrie and I together:

I've already been pricing tickets for the November trip, gawd that seems a long way off.


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  1. Any thoughts on where you would stay agian? Chivos, Bravos, or new...