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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Picture taking day....

I awoke early this morning, well before Lorrie. I spent that quiet time,  standing  on the veranda of Los Cocos, drinking coffee and watching the sun rise......just taking it all in.

If you look close at the above photo you'll see  rocks out in the water from the seawall. After the sun is up here at Los Cocos we like to watch the pelicans that warm themselves atop those rocks. They spread their wings out into the wind.

Another thing I've noticed they like to do  is  poop on those rocks as well as the one at the entrance to La Chata.

Something that's  becoming a ritual here is our morning walk along La Chata.

And why is it that one just can't help but pick up the sea glass that's  strewn everywhere along this stretch of beach? Such treasures...

After the walk it wasn't long before we had  everything packed up and  were on our way into  Isabel. We both had a craving for Roy's Coffee shop this morning.

No we didn't plan the pink outfit Lorrie had on, just happened that way.

I had some sort of coffee cake (that had to be at least a  gazillion calories) , plus a double espresso to wash it down ....

and Lorrie had the quiche, plus a double espresso.

As we were pulling into the refuge, about 10:38am, we noticed Sol Food was already open.  Rather than drive back to it once we were at La Plata, we went ahead and got some lunch, never mind that we were both still very much sated from Roys.  Two pulled porks with psychedelic purple cabbage and we were on our way.

Didn't take long to set up our cabana. I've become quite adept at building it. The beach had about 24 people, seems to be normal for this time of year now.  My gawd was  it a beautiful day and we met so many people. Early on we met Melissa and Todd from Wisconsin. Melissa came up to us and said she had read our blog.  Eventually I walked down and met her husband Todd. We talked Vieques, houses, retirement...you know..the good stuff. I took a shot of them while we were talking (well I got Melissa but only captured Todd's arm and leg...oops)

While Lorrie and I were walking along the far edge of La Plata we met Amy and Christina. Actually Amy  ask us to take a picture of the two of them, which we did. Then we ask if we could take one of them. They gave us the look many do, then we explained it was for the blog.  Amy is involved with a non-profit organization for under-privileged children. The two cut outs she and Christina are holding up are "Flat Stanley and Molly." Her niece and nephew made them for her and she's be traveling with them all over the world.

After our walk Lorrie and finally decided to try some snorkeling. This was our first time this trip.  What we ended up doing, unintentionally, was swimming all the way over to Escondida from La Plata. We rested on Escondida for a bit and then made the return swim,  back to La Plata. Saw the usual reef fish plus  some black and yellow stripped angle fish that where gorgeous.

Here's a map of where we snorkeled. I think it was about 1/2 mile, round trip.

Last thing I'm adding to this post is a slide show. This was a walk I took from our cabana over to the rock art gallery and then back. It was so very beautiful that I shot nearly 150 photos. I had to distill that down significantly for the slide show. Hope you enjoy:




  1. 24 people on La Plata?! How quickly things do change! We travel to Vieques in the summer and have yet to see quite the up-tick. Wondering how it will be this summer!

    1. We've seen as many as 34 on La Plata this trip. I know when we fly over Cape air had 4 different flights at the same time. The Cape air gate was packed, Lorrie and I wondered if we had the right airport. Not sure what to make of it all. I do think you won't see much of a change in the summer.

    2. Curt- is it possible to drive to Silver Beach? I thought I remember a few years ago when we were there that Orchid was the last on the road, just curious.

    3. Yes you can drive to it. The road was very dry up until this stormy weather hit today. I don't know how muddy it would be right now, but you would have no problem with a 4WD or high clearance vehicle. It's the same road you take to get to Escondida.


  2. What to make of it.....buy now. ;)