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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting there....

Finally arrived on the island last night. Getting here this trip was the easiest and most comfortable that Lorrie and I have ever had (plus it was cheap, always a plus in my book). I had wrote a year or so ago about how American Express was losing it's luster. At that time we were flying Continental and using American Express miles for flights and upgrades.  There were some changes regarding its airline miles that didn't quite suit Lorrie and I. So we opted to go with a United One pass card. Now I know that if you travel you hear their sales pitch about these cards and might think it's a bunch of bull. But the truth is, if you use a credit card as much as Lorrie and I do you can come out on the winning side. The important thing to remember is that with these cards the only way your gonna build miles is to use the card. We buy EVERYTHING with it, no matter what it is. The flight from Indianapolis to San Juan cost us $10. We used reward miles to buy the tickets. I think it was around 60k miles for both tickets. These were booked through United. I had been watching for upgrades with United up until 24hrs prior to us leaving but nothing was showing up on the website. So, 12hrs out I called United to see what an agent could do for me. He had an upgrade on USair that had the same departure and arrival. It cost me 50k miles and $100. So the first class tickets for this leg of the trip cost us $110 total for both, not bad at all. Plus we got to fly USAir envoy and let me tell you it's a great way to fly. I have some video of it below:

We were blown away by the quality of the food on our flight. Normally it ok but this was really very good. We opted for a vegetarian pasta meal.
As if all that wasn't enough, dessert came next.
Lorrie's all smiles for good reason. This really was fantastic.
 The dessert was some kind of chocolate cake thing with fudge or pudding in layers. Then of course it was time for a nap. This was one of the very best flights we've ever had.

So...that was basically getting there and it just keeps getting better, if you can believe it. What I'm referring to is Los Cocos...our first stay in the Bravos de Boston area. It seems as though our upgrade just keeps on going.

more on that later.


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