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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Perfect day.....

Today was a reunion of sorts. Dave and Andrea showed up on La Plata with their two boys. Andrea and Judy were there too.  I put up my cabana with  no bother from "you know who." It was a great time talking with everyone and enjoying the perfect weather. The beach today was at it's  very best, such a refreshing change from what occurred yesterday. We're going to hook up with Dave and Andrea before we leave to check out the house they're staying at, maybe give it try sometime. The rest this trip is filling out quickly. We've got salsa dancing with Judy and Andre on Sat night in Esperanza. Dinner with Peter and Rick on Tuesday and then we plan on meeting up with another friend from trip advisor on Friday before we leave. Time is flying by.

The best way to describe the day is in  watching the boys playing on the beach. I have video of them below. Check it out, it's good for your soul:

See you tomorrow




  1. Is there somewhere in Ezperanza that offers lessons/an open salsa night? Or is this more of a community get together of sorts? We would love to find this when we return!

    1. We are going to the place across from El Quenepo on Sat with Judy and Andre. It's the one right on the Ocean. Ander said they have salsa dancing on Saturdays.

  2. I know where you are talking about. Thanks!

  3. We once owned a home on Vieques. The kids would spend 6 weeks every summer. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. We would still own that home if it weren't for the break-ins. After the third time our house was robbed in under 2 years we decided to call it quits.