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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Green curry quest....

I had spent this morning trying to catch up on blog post and picture/video editing. I also called Maritzas and got the ticket squared away. Seems tickets are paid when cars are registered, annually I believe. They said I could just pay the ticket when I return the vehicle. That made things easier.  Sometime around 11a.m. I  remembered we still had to get provisions to make green curry chicken for Judy and Andre when we have them over for dinner. First place I called was Buen Provecho which means Good Appetite. For some reason all I was focused on was the Thai basil. Chris, one of the owners, didn't have any on hand but said he could order it for me, which I had him do. I hung up think all was solved. Lorrie said "what about the green curry paste?" Oh sheit, I forgot to ask Chris about that. So I called back and no they didn't have any. When I ask if there was any place on the island that might have some all he could think of was maybe the colmado Mambo. So I told Lorrie, she was sitting on the veranda reading, that I was going to have to head into town to see if I could find some green curry. She opted to stay behind, smart girl. So..first stop was the Mambo, no green curry. Then I headed into Esperanza because I remember the Emporium behind Lazy Jacks had green curry paste a couple of years ago. Well when I got to Lazy Jacks I found that the Emporium had moved to Isabel in the old laundromat  building.  So..back to Isabel but before I let I stopped by Sun bay. Judy and Andre where having a water color paint day there and we were supposed to have gone but me being so far behind on blogging decided to stay back at Los Cocos (we also just slept in to much). I spent about an hour talking with them and looking at the paintings they had done in the morning. Barry, a longtime friend of Judy and Andres who has a house on the island also was there. So after a brief visit I bid the artists adieu and headed back to Isabel. Found the new Emporium but they also had no green curry paste. The owner did tell me that she thought she had seen it at the Morales on 200. So..it was off to Morales. My third stop paid off because they did have green curry paste. They actually had a nice variety of Asian spices. I called Lorrie, because I this time I had been  gone quite a long while. I told her I was going to stop by Buen Provecho to see what they had. What I ended up buying was some sort of squid salad and a small tub of herring in cream sauce. Don't ask me why, I was just punting. I wanted to surprise Lorrie since I had been gone. To mine and Lorries delight they were both fantastic salads. We ate them on blue corn tortilla chips, it was the only thing we had at the house. Below is the squid salad on a chip:

I liked putting both together on a chip. The herring is on top. mmmm....
By this time it was almost 2pm, too late to head to the refuge, so we just decided to spend the rest of the day at Los Cocos.  I wanted to check out the beach. We grabbed a couple chairs and headed out. Not long after sitting there two black dogs ran up. Good looking dogs with collars  on. I couldn't help it, having been without dogs now for over a year. One of the dogs was a female lab and she was oh so friendly and wanting attention. It was great therapy playing with those two dogs.

After rolling around on the beach with the dogs I was covered in sand and in need of a shower to get some of the dog smell off of me. I myself hadn't been in the outdoor shower at Los Cocos yet but Lorrie had and said it was wonderful. Was she ever right and upon entry I noticed another one of those small touches that just make all the difference in a rental home. Check out the towels and soap placed on a small blue bench in the outdoor shower area:
There was also a vase of flowers out there. These are little touches that just make  houses a cut above the rest. The outdoor shower area is a large enclosure that  has potted plants as well as a small little garden area. Really, really nice.  I'll try to get pictures of it when I do the inside of the house sometime later in the week.
After my shower I grabbed the video cam hoping to catch Lorrie relaxing out by the beach. I also wanted to get some video of La Chata. Here's what I ended up with:

We sat there for a long time. Great just to watch the waves breaking along the north shore. I was watching a storm build out over St Thomas. We kept watching it approach and then the rainbow came. This was the most magnificent rainbow Lorrie and I have ever seen in our lives. I just can't begin to describe how brilliant the colors were and then it became a double rainbow so bright that it was reflecting in the water and even on the wet sand on the beach. What an awe inspiring way to end the day. I tried as best as I could to capture it. The video is below:

See ya tomorrow


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