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Monday, February 11, 2013

No roosters....

Another early morning for me. Something Lorrie and I have noticed, while staying here at Los Cocos, is that we don't hear any roosters. We haven't heard a single one, just lots of wind and surf.  Not sure where we are headed today, maybe Escondida.

I had forgotten to mention that we've been  to Mamsongas  twice now. Once to satisfy that ever present sweet tooth of mine, I was wanting key lime pie but settled for coconut, and another time to get a bite of lunch. We had the coconut shrimp and a burger when we ate lunch. Both were very good and at a reasonable price.  While we were we saw Morgan again. He's a 7 month old from Boston. We had met him a few days prior. He  was having a blast that day as his mom held him in the surf.  They are from Boston.

Still looks like he's having a good time, can't say I blame him.


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  1. The quiet of the north coast(Bravos or Villa Boriq.) is what keeps us from trying houses elsewehere! We too need to try Mamsongas though!