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Friday, February 8, 2013

Inside Los Cocos....

Today we decided to shoot some video inside of Los Cocos. We've been here nearly a week now and are getting a feel for the place. Before I shot the video I  captured how Lorrie spends most mornings...drinking her coffee and watching the sun rise over the Atlantic.

Here's the video of the house:

We went to La Plata today, imagine that huh? At it's busiest point there were 28 people on the beach. Too bad mongoose don't spray like skunks. I could come up with something like below to clear the beach or better yet wait till Kincaid comes around and spray him:

In reality it was just a short time that there were  28 people. It thinned out fast after 3pm. I balanced a few more rocks and Judy and Andre certified two more members into the IRBA (International Rock Balancing Association).

Picked up garbage along the west side of La Plata all the way around  1/2 way to Escondida. There's a huge wad of rope on the east side that I'm gonna get before we leave. It's in the same place I find it every year:

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. We meet a group of people at Sun Bay in the morning and are going out to dinner with Judy and Andre at the re-opening of Coconuts, although it has a new name but I can't remember it now. The chef came from Inn on the Blue Horizon, well at least that's what I was told.

Lastly we took the time to find the sign near the ferry, where I got the ticket:

That translates to "Public Buses Only". Now I know.



  1. Hey,
    Lou and Stan from Iowa. Cannot believe we may have to fly down and get you out of the pokey. If you keep it up, we will be there on March 2nd to bail you out. Tell Lori hello and take care of herself. Have fun and enjoy. Thank you for the blog. Lou.

    1. For some reason I don't think I want see the inside of the Vieques pokey, although you never know, it might have an ocean view.

      I never intended to use law enforcement as a theme for this Feb's trip, but it has seemed to work out that way.