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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Los Cocos....

I'm finally going to try and begin reviewing Los Cocos. This will have to be a multi-post review. We haven't taken any pictures or video inside the house yet. As I've mentioned in many prior posts, Lorrie and I place a lot of weight on first impressions when we go to a new house. Los Cocos is a really well done rental. Upon entering the drive into the covered carport we noticed the grounds and the landscaping, obviously kept by a gardener of some sort. That blue staircase leads up to a roof top deck where Orion is as prominent as I've ever seen him. But take note that the staircase and the roof deck has no handrails, so a fair amount of caution needs to be used. I wouldn't have a mojito night up there or anything.

 I noticed that even the palms, of which there are plenty, were nicely trimmed.

The veranda, which is at least 12 feet wide, wraps around 2 sides of the house. There are more than enough places to find the perfect vista, given different times of the day. There are a pair of Adirondack rocking chairs on the east side that make watching the sunrise over the Atlantic a pleasure (Lorrie is our there right now while I'm typing this post). 

Further around the veranda is a table to dine al fresco, something we probably will do when we have Judy and Andre over for dinner and drinks.
Those chasse loungers in the foreground are on a raised platform that make watching the waves breaking along the north shore even easier. And then finally against the west wall is a built in bench that give spectacular views looking out east along the beach front.
Speaking of the beachfront, Los Cocos lays right on La Chata beach and there is a public access spot along the eastern edge of the property, just over the wall. We have seen/heard a few people park there and we've seen some of the locals riding horses along the beach right in front of the house. Thus far this has been at best sporadic and not at all bothersome. There's a gate on the corner of the property that opens to the beach:

An added bonus of having La Chata beach right outside the house is being able to walk the beach, early in the morning, picking up the newly washed beach glass. Lorrie and I were awarded this cache of pieces on our first walk:

There are hammocks that can be strung between the palm trees (something I hope we have time to do since we like our hammocks back home so much.) Washer and dryer are outside as well as a cloths line strung between a couple palms (something that Lorrie and I really appreciate and wonder why more houses don't have it.)

Clean neat, with lots of different areas to hang out. Great first impression. Next time I'll move inside the house.



  1. How do you like being on the other side of "town" in the Bravos Area, verses in los chivos?

    1. Well...I think it's too early for me to honestly answer that question. I can say that the constant waves drown out most all the neighborhood noises. It is farther to get to the refuge and we are noticing an increase in gas usage (no big deal really). The views here are killer, every bit as good as what we have in the hills. I think all this might be different if we weren't right on the ocean. I'll be able to answer better after the two weeks is up.


  2. Be sure to walk the length of the beach to the east. There's a small lake/rivulet within which the egrets gather at sundown and are usually there first thing in the morning as well. Spectacular!


    1. Thanx Hal. We have walked all the way down to the east but it was later in the day. We'll have to do that in the morning. This is a wonderful rental, the rainbow Lorrie and I saw this evening was beyond description. Miss seeing you two, wish you were here.