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Friday, February 13, 2015

Current weather.....

As I am sitting here trying to get caught up on all the pictures and video we've shot the last couple of days I managed to hit my link for the local weather back home. What I was doing was checking the wind conditions down here to see if today would be good for kayaking out to Lemon reef.

Anyway, I saw that the current temperature back home is 18 degrees with a 19 mph wind out of the northwest.

Man, that sucks. No other way to put it.

Feeling my altruistic side come to the surface (sarc),  I threw together a little video lifeline for those friends and family back home enduring a typical Feb.

In other news, last night was Coqui Fire with Judy and Andre. Lorrie had some kind of roasted duck with a mashed sweet potato. I had the carnita, that I've had a number of times now. I did trade half with Andre for some of his Chili Relleno which might just become a new favorite of mine. We all had the Coqui Fire margaritas. Lorrie and I had mediums, Andre and Judy had mild.  Finished with a chipolte, papaya cheesecake. Meal was great other than one little annoyance. They would only allow one check per table. No real big deal, but after 4 margaritas who wants to try and do the math for the bill? One other complication was that we both took CC's instead of cash (we both want the  points) and Coqui fire takes CC.  We ask the waitress why the need for single table checks. She said it was to make things easier for the kitchen staff. Less tickets to deal with. Still didn't understand why it was necessary to treat the table that way? No big deal,  we got it figured out.

Today has been a kind of catch up day. We're having tacos tonight with pina coladas.


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