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Monday, February 9, 2015

Morning Coffee.....

That's Lorrie, on her Kindle planning the grocery list. You can see the kitchen in this picture. We really like it so far. Plenty of space and if you notice that counter/bar she's at is raised. Makes it a lot easier, little thing but noticeable.

It was really, really quiet last night. We heard nothing, other than the ocean waves. House cooled down fast. Great breezes in the house.  This is a two bedroom, one bath rental. We are in the upstairs, there's a downstairs unit as well.

Like I mentioned in yesterdays post you can see Colores Del Mar and Casita Seaglass across a valley to the west.

The horses and egrets are feeding along the hills, which makes for the oh so common vista here in this part of the island.  This next picture is looking out northeast and gives you an idea of the seating area outside kitchen on the upper deck.

Next picture is looking out due north from the house. You can see the big island and it's even better at night.

This next picture is of the east side of the house. There's an outside open air structure that houses the washer and dryer. Mature palms on the property, as well as lemons and limes. Plus my favorite, a ylang ylang tree that is supposed to be blooming in the next few days.

So far we really like the place. Only criticism to this point is the furniture in the living area. Epic failure, but that seems to be the common thread so many times in rentals. Other than that it looks to be well appointed with good price point. $995 a week. Here's the VRBO  link to the listing:

Beso Del Caribe

Lastly,  we found this little welcome package for us tucked away in a small pink bag:

Little things like this make the  big difference for renters, especially when it means being able to enjoy your morning coffee.



  1. Yup, only down fall is the 'couch'!! But otherwise, our favorite. Hope you are enjoying yourselves!


  2. This is a great rental Amalia. We'll be back in November for sure. I really, really like it.

  3. If we went to Vieques more often...I might buy a couch for the place! The quiet, price, view, comfortable beds/bathroom and kitchen, are great. Only other thing I can think of would be a shade for the porch. It can get hot inside with the sun beating in! When we go back this August we are traveling with my daughter, so wanted a place with a more comfortable living room. We will miss besos! Just seeing Laurie in the kitchen made me smile so big! ...on another note, my Dad has been there since Jan and staying till March, camping at Sunbay. :)