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Friday, February 20, 2015

No more commando....

Sitting  in our room at the SJU airport hotel this evening and Lorrie, my every so loving efficient and always taking care of me wife, points out:

a. your shoes are here
b.your  socks here
c. your  underwear here

Socks! oh my god, who the hell want's to wear socks.
Shoes...dress shoes..you mean hard soled shoes?
Underwear...my gawd, is there no humanity?

You know your leaving the Caribbean when you can't go commando anymore....


“I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.” 
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Our last day on Vieques, which was today, was so very nice. I know I keep saying that each trip gets better, and you think I'm just pimping Vieques, but I'm not. It is  getting better and  better. We can't believe how fast this trip went. We can't believe how many people we saw that we knew and how many new people we met. We can't, after 13 trips, believe how beautiful it is.....

and La Plata...well I just can't explain it. I can just show you pictures in hopes that some of the beauty that is Vieques will be conveyed:

We had some time to kill before our flight off of Vieqeus and having had such a wonderful time at the airport cafe upon our arrival, we decided to spend some time at the very end of our trip with Lyman (sp?). The menu for this evening was fried pork dumplings, made by his wife, who is about 1/3 the size Lyman and is asian. Let me tell you we were blown away. I had these fresh made pork dumplings with pickled ginger. Super great food and much, much better than what we could find at the SJU airport.

Speaking of food, again, we ate at Taverna, night before last and it was bad. We had a meat lovers pizza that was akin to someone offering you a handful of Himalayan rock salt, without a water chaser.  There was no flavor other than salt. Bad, bad bad.

This morning we made our last stop at the Mambo for this trip:

I tried to take some pictures inside that might convey how narrow the isle is between the grocery shelves. If you were to spin to fast you would dump couple shelves worth of merchandises.  It's an amazingly small colmado that has way more than you would think tucked inside:

Like so many other colmados on Vieques it has it's regulars, sitting outside having a Medalla  at 9:45 a.m.

I miss it already and we've only been off island about 1 hour.

I'll miss it a lot more tomorrow when I don my socks, shoes and underwear.

Only 8 months till our next trip.


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