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Monday, February 16, 2015

Who'll stop the rain.....

Ah yes, this is why we come for two weeks at a time

That's the radar from this morning, not a whole lot different than the last 4 days. Yes four days. We've never had this happen before in Feb, never. Copious amounts of rain have fallen in the last 4 days and there's been a high surf advisory in effect.

I was reminded yesterday, why this is still not such a bad thing.  Below is the forecast for Vieques from yesterday:

And here's the forecast for back home:

That's a 70 degree temperature difference. Yeah I can deal with a some rain. It's days like the past 4 that make me realize how important the furnishing are in a rental, especially seating and lounging. Try spending four days in some house that has those rattan chairs or worse no seating inside at all. We've been in both and we're thankful we're not there now. 

But this is crazy weather, unlike any we've experienced before. Even the Vieques Peeps are complaining about it. Maybe I need to find a pilon and re-align the crystals. 

If you have no idea what I was talking about with the pylons, never mind, if you do then you'll get it. In the end I opted for a pita instead of a plyon:

That'a more of the black bean salsa over eggs with Coqui Fire sauce. If this masterpiece doesn't appease the weather god's it surely will my stomach.

 The rain finally let up and we saw this  double rainbow:

Which expanded into a full arc:

So knowing that you can't have a rainbow without sunshine we packed up and headed for  Playa Chiva.

The above picture is about as good as it got. It began raining again after a couple hours. So back to the house and maybe another pita. 

As I'm typing this post here at Beso's there are hints of blue sky appearing in the west, which is the direction this storm track is coming from. This is a good sign and may just break this grey streak we've been in. 

Fingers crossed



  1. It's NEGATIVE 30 with the wind chills here in MA.... We often used the second bedroom as the living room of sorts. Enjoy the rain!


    1. This room would be perrrfect for a living room. Just get rid of the bed, put in a comfy couch and a side chair or two, voila!

      I booked this place for November already. We likey, a lot.


  2. You know it is for sale, right??? ;)