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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On the beach.....

I had commented yesterday about all the habitat that was destroyed by the "beach cleanup" this past year. It was the reason the beaches were closed beyond Pata Prieta. Supposedly a contractor was brought in to search and remove ordinances, aka bombs, that might be left. I know nothing about bomb removal but the end result looks as if they just blew them all up.

So...that's that, not much more to say other than it looks a mess. Mother nature will work her magic and maybe finally get to reclaim what was taken for a long time. I hope that the government/military is finally finished playing god in this little part of the planet.

La Plata was perfect today and contrary to the drive in, not much has changed. Even Jorge was present, twice. He had two tours today.

The beach topped out at 18 people. Met Leah from Atlanta along with her husband Greg. Her Aunt and Uncle were also along. They're veteran Vieques vacationers and know Lorrie and I via the blog. Leah is also a Tequila connoisseur, well at least this trip she said she was. Not a bad area of study I would think.

We started the day with Tai Chi, Lorrie did yoga afterwards. We were late getting to La Plata and were suppose to met Judy and Andre over at the gallery, sometime around 9am. Andre was sure to point out that we were late and didn't make it over as was agreed.  I promised we would be early on Wednesday, but I just got a message from Joy that they are going to the fish market in the morning and are wanting us to join. Andre will be hunting me down in Isabel if I'm late again.

Well I just got a phone message from Bill and we're meeting at Roy's for coffee at 9am and then to the fish market at 10am. Looks like we're going to be late again tomorrow. Maybe I could get Andre a nice big lobster as a peace offering? We go out to Coqui Fire with Judy and Andre on Thurday, he'll probably want a guarantee in writing that  I won't be late after tomorrow.

Speaking of food, and since  that's suppose to be the theme for this trip, I had a lentil burger for an "after Tai chi" snack, Everything for these were bought yesterday during provision shopping. It costs us about $3 to make 6 of them. Topped it off with some Coqui Fire Pina Colada sauce. I forgot to bring the avacodo that was to go on top:

Weather forecast for the day was calling for a 35% chance of rain. Below is what that looks like:

"The sky is the daily bread for the eyes" ~ Emmerson

One can't help but to look up and marvel at the blue sky, especially while down here in the Caribbean.  It becomes as much a part of your day as breathing. There's a calming effect, akin to what some east Asian religions call samahdi. All of us have had that happen. You step outside on a beautiful blue sky day and look up and take it all in. One-pointedness, equanimity, happiness. A zen like quality.

Not everyone is willing to let it happen. Either by being programmed by society or just the stress of life itself. When people do "let their guard down", it's great. Judy and Andre get it, so do Leah and Greg, who we spent time talking with today.

So here's a little video of us all, taking our daily bread via the blue sky in Vieques:


Dinner last night was Grouper with honey/ginger/cumin glaze. It was topped with another type of mango salsa. This one had capers, red peppers, red onion, two limes and a jalapeno with it.  This was better than the one last night. We had a spinach salad with grapes, pears,  with a dijohn apple cider vinegar dressing.

Now off to the fish market this morning with Bill and Joy. Then out to La Plata.

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