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Monday, February 9, 2015

"Just" the two of us.....

We took the first flight out of SJU yesterday, it was @ 9:30 a.m. and that  put Lorrie and I on Vieques around 10 o'clock in the morning.

Us...just the two of us on the island.  Lorrie and me. Curt and Lorrie. Just the two owners of the luggage, but not the luggage.


They told us it would be coming over on the next flight.

Our property manager was waiting for us and we all decided it would be better to just go ahead and get our Jeep and then head to the house and get the keys. Lorrie and I could drive back to the airport and pick up our luggage.

House is nice. It lays directly east of Colores Del Mar, across a valley. We can see Colores Del Mar as well as what used to be Casita Seaglasss. We know this area well. I'll post video and pictures of the house later. You can hear the ocean waves breaking from inside the house.

So back to the airport we headed. As we were walking up the ramp to the Airport we passed the little cafe that's right outside. There were a couple of women I recognized from our flight, I knew this was not going to be good. We stopped and ask them if they were waiting on luggage too? Yep....no luggage yet. This was 11:15.

They suggest we  sit and have a couple of Medallas, yes we're slowly coming around to the local beverage of choice. The bartender ask if I just want to open a tab. I at first say no, but by the way he ask me I'm thinking this guys knows something. I open a tab.

Fast forward to 1:30pm, about a dozen Medellas, some chicken sandwiches, Anise flavored shots (also supposed to be a local favorite), a ton of laughing, reggae dancing  and just a genuinely great time, once again with people we've never met before. The Cape air fellow brought our luggage out to us, at the bar,  I have no idea what time it was. We finished our drinks, laughing with our new friends.

Did make it out to La Plata, late. Met up with Judy and Andre, David and Andrea. Closed the beach down.

Great first day, just the two of us.


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  1. Just goes to show you that sometimes the best times are those unplanned times when you just go with the flow......