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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tikka Masala @ 10K.....

 Now who would have thought that I would have been able to enjoy an Indian dish, reminiscent of the chicken tika masala Lorrie and I get, occasionally, from the "Taj Mahal" back in Indiana? That was the case today with our meal on the United 737 flight to San Juan.  Great job United!

It was actually  a kind of tofu/cottage cheese  in curry sauce over rice. There were some peas as a side that had the same curry sauce.  Came with a  side salad and some sort of roll that I didn't eat. I had a  wheat ale with it. (Actually I had two ales...or was that three?)

Lorrie had some kind of salad with roast beef and a mushroom soup on the side. She had  dry white wine with hers. My gawd we love this.

Same hot towels prior to the meal and this time we got some warm cashews in a small bowl just prior to the meal? I dunno, maybe too many complaints about no peanuts.
United staff was great. Kudos to Shelly our flight attendant.

So you can't have yin without yang, right?

Ok... now for  the one bloat that is always present, no matter when or where you fly. There's this guy behind us that has not shut up since we took off. He's got this booming voice that is at the perfect decibel to permeate every nook and cranny of the first class cabin.  Plus he's got this  giggly female specimen next to him that thinks he's "da bomb!  The amenities, plus the ear plugs I brought with me, are more than enough to make him but a very minor inconvenience.

Really, in all honesty, this has been a great trip thus far. We've had to wait very little. When we left the United Club in Houston they were already boarding so we got to walk right on. I luv it when that happens, you just show up out of nowhere and walk right on.

I hadn't mentioned, but I bought a new laptop,  just for travel, and am using it on this trip for the first time.  It's an Acer Aspire E11.  Retail was $199. I had some unused American Express points, worth about $179. So the new laptop cost me about $20 on Amazon. It has HDMI output and only weights about 2lbs. Screen size is a lot smaller which makes for easy viewing on airlines, regardless of how far the guy in front reclines his seat. Only drawback is disk space. I bought a 32 gig flash to make up for the difference. Came with windows 8.1 and had an amazingly clean install. I just had to add Google chrome and Malewarebytes.

Holy cow, we have an update:

I'm smelling this aroma up here in the cabin, it reminds me of something sweet, something baked, something not at all in our diet.  Now I see the stewardess walking around with a tray of warm, fresh baked,  chocolate chip cookies. My gawd....I love this girl.
 Lorrie declines, stewardess compliments here and says "good girl!"
 I say "bring it on, and can I have another beer with that!"

Yeah, I'm really  digg'n this.
Bring on San Juan

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