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Friday, February 13, 2015

Taco night....

Trying to continue with the "food" theme this trip, Lorrie and I had tacos at the house tonight. Ah, but not just any old taco, no that would not do on Vieques. I'm trying to prove that you can come down here and buy what's on island and in the process create some darn good food right in your rental house.

Tonight was great. No actually it was fantastic and it would be a real shame if other people didn't give one a try. These were the best darn tacos ever, even better than what I had at Cayo Blanco this past June.

Originally it was going to be chicken and lobster tacos. We still had one lobster tail left from the big cookout over at Bill and Joys. Problem is, I ate it this this morning, well mid-morning. So no lobster, well at least that's what it was looking like.  Today was a rainy day. One of those "no beach" days and really we where ready for one. For us it was a pina colada "no beach" day.  In the process we managed to drink all the rum we had, plus went through all the pineapple juice.

Grrrrr...yeah life's a bitch right?

So off to Isabel to get more rum and I was thinking we could maybe try to recreate the Coqui Fire margaritas we had last night. Right as we were getting ready to leave I decided to try and get a Medalla out of the cooler in the Jeep. Only thing was the damn back hatch door hasn't been working right and it had finally given up the ghost.

Grrrr...life's a bitch when you can't get to your Medallas in the back of the Jeep.

Now it was onto to Maritzas. I'd had it with this non functioning back door on the Jeep, especially  with paying premium price. When we got to Maritzas they had no jeeps and the mechanic wasn't there. They said come back tomorrow and they could get it fixed. Why did I know they were going to tell me that before we arrived?

Swing and a miss, we were off to Morales for pineapple juice, rum and Triple sec.  Got the rum and pineapple juice, but couldn't read the labels on the liqueur to see if any were triple sec. I kept seeing "tres". So I was thinking one of them surely was triple sec. We finally  had to commandeer a lady shopping to help us out. Her Spanish was "muy bien" , her English was not. So no triple sec.   Left Morales and headed to El Sombreo Veijo. I knew Kathy would have Triple sec.

When we parked I noticed that right across the street was a health food store. Only in Vieques that right across from the liquor store you would find the health food store.

One last leg of this mission was to hook up with Bill. I needed to get the lid of the lobster pot I left the night before, the other reason  was to return a book I had borrowed from Bill this past November. 

We met up with Bill, Joy and company at Cookies Paradise. They had our lid ready and waiting. They also had, to our surprise, what was left of the lobster we had cooked the night before. They insisted that we take it. Fantastic, we now had regained  lobster for the tacos. 

 A little word about these tacos. Lorrie made two types of toppings for the tacos plus some brown rice. First was a green pepper corn and black bean salsa. The ingredients are:

Olive oil
red wine vinegar
chili powder
cherry tomatoes
can of corn
can of black beans
green pepper

I'm telling ya this stuff is wicked good.

The chicken that went with the above was marinated in fresh lime juice and olive oil for 30 minutes. It was then seasoned with black pepper, chili powder, cumin, dried oregano and was pan fried in olive oil. Cooled and then diced.

The lobster was topped with the mango salsa we had made for Bill and Joys. It had mango, red onion, red pepper, cantaloupe, two limes, capers, a jalapeno, salt and pepper. This salsa pairs great with the lobster. 

We had two Coqui Fire sauces to use, but ended up using the #3 Pina Star. As a matter of fact we used almost the whole jar. It's the one on the right below. 

I was wanting to have margaritas with the tacos, but I forgot to get limes. We ended up making Pina Coladas. 

Absolutely great meal and one I would love to share with other folks. 



  1. Thumbs up!
    Enjoy your weather.

    It is -5 wind chill with 40 mile per hour winds at 11 AM Saturday morning.

    You two have a Happy Valentine's Day. Lou

    1. Yikes!!! I don't relish the idea of returning to that kind of weather. Wish we could send you some of this warmth.

      One of these days we are gonna have hook up on Vieqeus and we'll whip you two up some of these tacos.