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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Curt lands the big one....

We had quite a bit of rain overnight. I woke up around  5:30 and watched this rainbow form in the western sky with the sunrise. Nice quiet morning for Lorrie and I. We left the house around 8:30 and arrived @ Playa la Plata (Orchid) about 8:44 (Lorrie says it takes 14 mins to get all the way back to Orchid from this house). We were, of course, the first ones there. Lorrie took her morning meditative walk. I just sat an stared out into the ocean. Judy and Andre arrived not long after we did. They came down our way and we chatted for awhile. They invited us out to dinner Thursday eve. We had planned on going into Isabel anyway to see the Siddhia Hutchinson gallery opening. So now it's a foursome. I think we're going to eat at El Patio or Cnuc.

Water was super clear on Orchid today. Clearest we've seen so far. And of all days...I forgot to bring my spear gun.  Not only that... I was unwilling to make the long arduous trek (all 14 mins of it) back to the house, yeah I'm on island time now.  So we just hung out on the beach..nice lazy day. Things were actually pretty quiet on Playa la Plata today until about 11pm. We counted nearly 30 people around noon...elbow to elbow. I noticed some dark clouds over to the east and I pointed them out to Lorrie. I told her that the beach had reached it's maximum capacity and mother nature was about to clear it out. We moved all our stuff into the cabana well in advance of the approaching storm. I don't think anyone else noticed it coming. And then it hit...wow..did it rain and did the beach clear out. I have some video:

After the crowd cleared I went down to talk to Judy and Andre. I told them that I was going to try and remove an unsightly wad of nylon banding material that was buried in the sand over by the rock sculpture gallery. Andre had told me prior that he himself had also tried to remove that same wad but was unable to. He even took a pair of wire cutters over thinking that might help him, but it didn't. Andre told me that the nylon was twisted into a large knot and was around a rock. I told Andre that I was taking my diving knife and would hack it out of there, if necessary. As it turned out I was able to dig the whole thing out. Took me almost and hour to get it all free. So here's my catch of the day:

Now is that a mammoth wad of banding or what?

We stayed on Playa La Plata until nearly 5.  It looked like more rain was moving in.  After we unloaded our gear at the house Lorrie and I walked down to the construction site where the "new Keep" is going to be built. Lorrie took a picture of me staring at it.

Only two more days on the island.


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