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Monday, February 6, 2012

So, so quiet....

Just felt the need to post about how quiet it is here at Hilltop this evening. I can't emphasize just how peaceful this place is. It's  as quiet as things are back home in Indiana. This really is a wonderful place to stay. Lorrie and I were hanging out on the veranda this evening when Barry, the owner/manager came out of the downstairs. He ask us how we liked the place. I told him it was wonderful and that we would probably be back in November for two weeks. Lorrie and I have decided that we are coming here for our two week trip in November. Hilltop Apartment is now number one in our book. As far as bang for your buck we haven't found anything better than this so far.  Yeah there's a few things cosmetically that could be fixed and the coffee pot is way too small for us, but overall we're really impressed. We moved some of the outdoor furniture inside because there's just not enough seating in the living area. On the plus side the master bed is oh so comfy and they have really wonderful down pillows on the bed. Little things like that make a big, big difference to nomads like Lorrie and I.


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