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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

November trip squared away.....

We now have all the details of our November trip finished. We'll be spending two weeks at Hilltop apartment. Our total cost for the trip just dropped by roughly $1400.  We were averaging 5K per trip, it's now down to $3600.  That's the cost for a "no brainer" trip to Vieques. Flying all the way to the island, using Cape Air from SJU and a Jeep from Maritzas. I mention this because so many people ask "How much does it cost to go there?" Yeah you could save more by getting to the island differently and then not getting your rental from Maritzas. But like I said, it's a "no brainer".  Maritzas now has a desk at the airport that's open till 6pm. The only time I should have to retrieve my luggage is at VQS.

I was doing some research on the coconut I opened this last trip.  I thought what was inside it was called "coconut bread". I think I was wrong about that. I now believe it is called a coconut apple.  Regardless it's  a real treat to experience. It has the consistency of cotton candy or angel food cake and literally melts in your mouth. From what I've read caution should be exercised when eating this. It's important not to have the sprout over 12" tall. Ours had no visible sprout, it was a mere bud, only visible after the outer husk was removed.

I've also been trying to find out what kind of rock it is that I've found on the point of land between Playa La Plata and Escondida. I've photographed it on a couple of trips now. As best I can tell I think it might be "lava bombs" in "tuff"? Still digging...would be curious to know if anyone else is familiar with this type of rock formation.



  1. My husband and I just got back from Playa La Plata and truly enjoyed the beach cabanas there; we bought a home in Vieques last year and are slowly renovated it...love at first sight! Just heard about your blog through word of mouth and really enjoying reading your adventures, thank you!

  2. Your very welcome Betty. We've just begun our search for a home on Vieques, having looked at our first one this last trip. We're not wealthy, but it seems to be within our reach. Do you have any advice for newbie home shoppers?

  3. We by no means are "rich", we got extremely lucky and bought our home there for less than a home in Omaha (where we are currently living). Our Vieques' home needed/needs alot of work, slowly, but surely we are getting it renewed. We just returned to Omaha last night and have come to realize that although we would like to get a few more things updated, we do not need all the ameneties we have gotten used to. I used "Bravos Boys" realtor, Thom Denton - he really helped us with his knowledge of the island and input...check out their website...and yes, there are many homes that are beauiful, but far more than we were willing and/or able to commit to. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any assistance. Life is too short not to do it!

  4. Betty we do have a couple of other questions, but would prefer to not do it via the comments on this page. I have a button on the top right hand column of this blog where you can contact me. If you would sometime, drop me a note just saying "Hi it's Betty" or something, so I can contact you. If you would prefer not that's ok.