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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last day.....

We left Casa La Vista very early today...needed to make the most of our last day on the island. I also had some unfinished business to attend to. I still need to plant the cotton seeds for Jennifer. So on the way to Playa la Plata, actually right before the road Y's (where you can head to Escondida or Playa la Plata) I planted the cotton seeds.

I put four rocks around where I planted the seeds Jennifer.

and I put a green rope above were I planted the seeds:

We also marked one of the plants that had the cotton on it for you:

That's blue rope on that one. Then we took a picture of Lorrie in front of one of the plants for scale. They are really quite tall.

Ok..after our farming we headed on into Playa La Plata. This was the earliest we've made it to the beach this trip. It was about 8:30 when we hit the beach. We were greeted by a note from Hal and Adrienne.

It was really nice to meet them too. We've met so many wonderful people  on this trip.  Lorrie and I were talking last night about how we feel this has been our best trip of all! Imagine that, after 6 trips, it just keeps getting better.

So..after admiring the nice note in the sand from  Hal and Adrienne, Lorrie was off on her morning meditative walk. I just hung out at the cabana. Next was our morning yoga, so nice to do that when you have the beach to yourselves. Then we did the swim over to the gallery. I took a few pictures of the place in the morning sun:

The picture to the right is the one I took this year. The one above is the one I took a year ago.  Kinda kewl to see that it's almost the same..but not quite. 
Then it was back to our cabana to just" chill-ax", to quote our daughter. Didn't take long for Judy and Andre to show up. They ask us "What happened to you guys after the  opening in Isabel?". We told them about Cnuc being full and that we ended up going to Veritas. They told us that they ended up going to El Patio and thought that the meal was over-priced.

After that Lorrie and I watched the beach fill up. Really didn't take long either. We counted 32 at the high point.  Sometime before noon a couple showed up by our cabana. The female of the couple walked up to Lorrie and ask if she was "Lorrie from Indiana". Yep, Lorrie replied. Seems that Hal and Adrienne had told them about the kayaking and about us.  They were also having Donty deliver a kayak this afternoon.  We watched them paddle out into Ensenada Honda.

Last days on the beach are tough. You hate to do much of anything...seems there's  a lot more of just trying to sit back and take as much of it in as possible. We were hoping that towards the end of the day the beach would empty and Lorrie and I could close it out, one last time. Things did begin to thin out, as the sun dropped further into the horizon. Long before the last visitors left, Andre and Judy came down to say their goodbyes. What a wonderful visit we've had with them this year.  I took a picture of the two of them walking away:

I remember how pleased we were to see that yellow tee-shirt when arrived two weeks ago. I sure hope to see it again in another year.  Thank you two, for just being you.

There is a time, in the late afternoon, when things turned a beautiful golden color.  It's almost a surreal kind of light and it doesn't last long.  It was nearing that time so I ask Lorrie if she wanted to take one last walk over to the gallery. We took our time walking over, there was only one group besides us on Orchid now.  As we were walking over I ask Lorrie if we had been to any other beaches this trip? No, she told me. Other than our "no beach day" we had spent two weeks on Orchid and the novelty still hadn't worn off.  I took some more shots of the rock sculptures in the fading light. (I know your getting tired of seeing them..but it's something we really enjoy).

The sand was unmarked now, since everyone had left.

This one was my masterpiece. Lorrie and I drug it up onto the beach one day last week.  Upright it stood nearly 3 1/2 feet tall. Andre said it was his favorite.

This one was Judy's favorite. She said it looked African. When I saw it I was reminded of "Venus of Willindorf".

I sat this piece of brain coral up earlier in the week. Judy had ask me if it was mine. She was able to pick out my style.  As I was taking pictures, in the waining light, I noticed that Lorrie was missing. I turned around to find her out in the water sitting. She was sitting very still and these little purple and yellow damsel fish were all around her. The tide was exceptionally low right now and was nearly like glass. I took some shots of her out in the water sitting.

Even though we hated to, it was nearly time to leave. The no-see-ums were just beginning their evening feed. The good thing though was that the place was ours, everyone had left.  After we packed up our stuff in the Jeep,  Lorrie and I had one last drink while the gallery on the far shore was ablaze  in the golden light. I managed to catch of shot of it.

See ya in about 8 months Vieques



  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to plant the seeds and to take pictures! I can't wait until our trip down and see what they are like. Let's see, we just have about four months to go. I am soo ready to chill-ax on the beach. I have enjoyed seeing the Island through your posts! And with every trip, I find it harder to leave!!

    1. Your welcome Jeniffer. I guess I could have told you that the seeds are on the left side of the road, as your going down to Orchid/Esondida. It's about 50-75 feet from the Y in the road.


  2. We thought it was going to be impossible to make it this year, but circumstances have changed. We're now totally pumped, and can't stop talking about it! Looks like late April for us!

    There is, hands down, nothing better than the sun starting to wane while you're still at the beach. The shadows get long, the colour turns all golden, and peace descends. And on your last day, routine becomes melancholia. It's priceless. The only thing that makes it palatable is the knowledge that it is these last fleeting minutes that will sustain you till you return.

    Thanks, you guys, for sustaining us in a winter where we thought work commitments would prevent us from making our annual pilgrimage. You got us over the hump & it looks like we'll make it after all (hmmm... we hear the Mary Tyler Moore theme music in the background!)