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Monday, February 6, 2012

Orchid Beach Au Naturel "Deuce"...

Lorrie and I got an early start this morning. Arrived on Orchid around 8:45. We were greeted with light rain and three kayaks ready to depart. Didn't take long to get our cabana set up. The kayaks headed out as we were finishing. First order of business was some stretching and yoga...Lorrie picked the routine. After that Judy and Andre showed up and mosied down our way and said "Imagine finding you two here?" Ha...

The wind was up again today, just like yesterday. By the way the surf looked I didn't expect there to be much of any snorkeling. Visability was poor yesterday and I expected about the same today. We decided to take a walk over to the far beach and video the sculputres Judy and Andre had been working on. Here's the clip:

Afterwords it was back to our cabana to do nothing but "chill-ax", to quote Jessica. The kayakers were just turning the point heading out to Ensenada Honda. We were amazed how fast they headed out, given the wave action. Lazy morning with most time spend just taking it all in. We had about 10 people on Orchid. Things stayed that way until about 1 or 2pm. That's when the show began.

We noticed a couple arrive and by the looks of things they were on a mission. They headed west along the beach, quite deliberately, and crossed the little point and headed over to the beach area where the rock art is. They set up camp just under a tree, barely out of sight. Next things I knew they were strolling along the gallery without a stitch on. Now I had mentioned in prior posts that Lorrie and I pack binoculars with us. It's nice to check out the sail boats and comes in handy when Playa la Plata puts on an adults only show. We've seen this before or Orchid...just not quite as...how do I put it...XXX rated. Oh yes they were naked, but they didn't just enjoy communing with nature, they began having some adult fun in knee/waist deep water.  It went on for well over an hour. We found out one other interesting fact...Lorrie's little $100 digital camera has quite the zoom:

He was taking pictues of her...she was posing with her hands over her head. It was a hoot. There was a lot more that happened, that really shouldn't have taken place on a public beach...I'll  just leave it at that. Finally the show ended and the two stars headed out.

After they were gone I headed over to the far east side of Orchid to do some more rock balancing. I lugged a couple or really large rocks up to the highest point on the east of the beach. Here's a shot of the pieces:

On my way back I noticed one of the large snails. The type that has the shell that the land crabs use. I started filming it and this crab came out of the rocks and tried to get it, but no luck. Either he saw me or it was just too much for him. I have video of it:

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out. Nice slow day. We headed back to Hilltop around 4pm.

The breezed at this house are really amazing. You just couldn't ask for a more perfect environment. I'm sitting out on the veranda now finishing this post and the moon is rising. Words can't describe it:

Hasta manana...


  1. Wow, looks like Casa Cielo. Do you take the road up from La Finca Caribe?

  2. Actually, I looked it up after posting the comment above- seems to be a bit more mid island than I first thought- the view of Mosquito Bay made me reconsider. Looks awesome!

  3. Yes..it's about dead center of it all..and on the ridge. Turn right, west at the school coming out of La Praa, then when the road y's..take the left..go to the ridge and it's about the second house. We really like this place a lot.

  4. haha! Can't retrace it in my mind- that area always confuses me. we'll have to drive it next time we're there. Enjoy!!