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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A "no beach" day...

Yep...you read that right. We didn't go to the beach today. I believe that's a first. Why? Well we're tired and we wanted to spend some time enjoying Casa La Vista. I mean...you spend a couple k for week at a place and you would like to do more than just sleep. Besides ...it looked to be one of those gray days. So we slept in....lounged around the veranda...hung out by the pool. Late morning I had come in from the pool area to do some blogging and check some news. I had thought that Lorrie had followed me into the house but I hadn't seen her for  awhile. So...I decided to go find her, camera in hand (always got to be prepared). Seems every time we come out of the house someone is staring down at us from "the keep"...you know..like a watchman or something. I took a couple shots as I stepped outside:

So I made my way out to the pool and no Lorrie. hmm...I've lost my wife. Since I was out at the pool with camera I grabbed a few shots.

Here's a shot showing the house from the pool

Beautiful vistas from this house...the very best we've seen from any rental.

Here's a shot of another Hix House (aka "the keep") being build to the east of Casa La Vista

After that I headed back into the house. On my way in I noticed a couple of knees sticking up above the pillows on the bed that's out on the veranda. ha..found her.

So I say to her " you really like this mosquito netting and this bed out here, don't you?"  She assured me that it was only to stop the bugs from biting her. Sure....

Speaking of bugs...I found two of these battery automatic bug sprayers in the house. One's in the master bedroom. I walked by it as it shot out a little blast of stuff. Scared the sheit outta me.

Lastly I would like to post a map of where Hilltop apartment is. Lorrie and I had met Hal and Adriene yesterday on Playa La Plata. They were asking me where it is located. I have a shot of the two of them talking to us on Orchid.

Adriene, here's a snapshot from google showing the Hilltop apartment. It's the yellow box (which I now see I should have made much more bolder...oh well)

So that was about it for today. Oh..wait..I almost forgot. Lorrie and I looked at a house today with a realtor. Just looking...doesn't hurt to look.

Tomorrow Lorrie says she wants to go to Escondida. So I guess that's what we'll do.


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