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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Driving directions from Casa La Vista

Ok...you pull out of the airport and turn left. You'll been on 200. You go east on 200. You'll drive past the turn off for 201 (that's where you can turn from Isabel if you want to go to Veritas or Next Course.) You'll keep driving on 200 and go pass both gas stations on the island. First one on your left, second one on your right. You'll pass a Morales store, on your left (bookmark than in your noggin for future reference). You keep driving on 200. You'll pass a Tire center. Right afer the tire center is a junky place that is a rental center. Immediately after the junky rental center is the turn for La Praa. If you past the turn for La Praa you will see a red building with a rooster painted on the side of it. This will be on your right. If you see this, you've went too far. Ok..once you turn up to La Praa you kinda wind around. You pass a turn off on your left. then you come to a Y. You keep to the left, all the way to the top of the ridge. You come to another Y. You still keep to the left. You go past the school and around a couple VERY sharp winding turns. You will see a very well maintained gray house on your left and directly across from it you will see some Postal Mailboxes. There's a road that heads downhill towards the right. This is the road Casa La Vista is on. It's a dead end road. It ends up at the construction site for the new Hix House. Casa la Vista is the only house on the right side of that road. So..that's how you get to the house.

From the house you drive back up to the top of the hill by the mailboxes and the nice Gray house. Back track all the way to the school (which was the second Y when you headed to the house). Instead of going back down into La Praa you head left (west). You will head up a ridge. First thing you come to is a narrow Y. You stay to the left. Go past the next T (on your left). All the way up and over the ridge (it is very steep..I mean very steep). Follow this road until it Tee's. Then turn left. You go all the way down hill until it Tee's. Turn left and go a very short distance and turn right. This road leads all way down to 997 (watch out for the drainage dip in this road. If you hit it going fast it'll rattle your teeth). When you hit the final T turn right. This will take you all the way into Esperanza. You will see the Green Store before you get to the Malecon strip. 997 actually Y's at the Green Store. You go left at the Green store to get to the Malecon. If it's on a Saturday expect A LOT of traffic parked along the road of the Malecon. There will be little to no parking along the Malecon. I would park at the kayak rental place on the left as soon as you hit the Malecon. It's right across from El Quenepo. You pull off to the right near the ocean to park. That way you can walk down the Malecon. First time driving on the Malecon, at night on a Saturday, can be VERY frustrating. So that's why I would park just before the Malecon begins. I know this is probably very confusing  so I've added some maps.
Map to Casa La Vista from 200 thru La Praa:

Map of getting to Esperanza from Casa La Vista:

How to get to the refuge from Casa La Vista



  1. thanks so much!! this is going to be extremely helpful!

  2. hi guys!

    been home for a few weeks now and already trying to figure out how and when we will go back. what a truly spectacular place! we were only able to spend 4 full days- not nearly enough. did get to check out alot of the island though, had red beach completely to ourselves for cocktail hour watching the sun set- unreal! also went way out to the end of blue beach on a rocky little cove and enjoyed a peaceful day. found your cabanas but too late. it was fun reading your blog in anticipation of our trip- felt like i knew alot before we got there!

    thought you might like to know that a brush fire came across the field and little hill in front of the veranda the day before we got there. came right up to the wire fence just missing the big lone palm tree. dennis said the only reason the house didnt go up in flames was because of a "fire lane" he had cleared around the perimeter of the house a while back. still some smoky spots when we got there but hardly ruined the beautiful sights. also, the door knob to the main house broke one night as dave and i were trying to get in after a night of food and libations- after struggling with the paddlock on the window over the kitchen sink and knocking the screen out i had to climb in and find an old tool to remove the actual knob so we could get in the house :) all part of the adventure! the views made it all worth while.

    perhaps we will run into you guys on a beach in the times ahead! take care, chris

  3. So glad you had such a great time. It truely is a wonderful place. Regarding Casa La Vista, Lorrie and I have talked since we've been back about the place. We've come to the conclusion that it was probably the most quiet place we've been at on the island. The bed was very, very comfortable. I know with my "Folsom Prison" video I might have given the wrong impression regarding the house. It's a nice place.

    We also very much understand your feelings about wanting to get back. That's why we starting spending two weeks at a time, really makes a big difference. Casa Dos Chivos is not far at all from Casa La Vista. It will run you around $900 a week. Good way to save a few coins.

    Also I'm glad our little blog was of help. That's the reason we do it.