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Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Boat Sailing with Jorge....

Well...we were almost late getting to Playa La Plata Sunday morning for our sail with Jorge. Wanna know why? I couldn't get the door  of the house unlocked. Yep... we were locked in. I finally tried to get  the padlocked bars over the window in the kitchen open. When that really didn't work out Lorrie finally managed to get the last lock (there's 3 on that door) open. We made it to Playa la Plata right at 8am, Jorge was all ready. We were going out with one other person, Stella. She needed to be back at the beach @ 11am in order to catch her flight off of the island. Jorge ask if it was a problem if we came back in early. Lorrie and I both said "no problem at all". Jorge promised we would work something out. We sailed out into Ensenada Honda and then out into the open ocean. Jorge told us Venezuela was only 400 miles away.  Might as well have been 4000 by they way it looked. Stella didn't want to snorkel so Jorge steered the cat out towards Playa Fanduca. We landed on the beach and spend nearly 1 hour. Lorrie and I snorkeled off of Playa Fanduca. There's a small stretch of coral just off of the beach. After that Jorge sailed back out towards Ensenada Honda. He pointed out two small mangrove trees in the middle  and said the water was really shallow and that there was a tiny little island by them.  Lorrie and I both bookmarked that for our kayak trip tomorrow. We then headed back to Playa la Plata so that Stella could head to the airport. Jorge mentioned that he needed to put some mooring out in Lemon reef. He had been anchoring  there but hated what the anchor was doing to the reef. Jorge ask if Lorrie and I wanted to go with  while he and his help anchored the mooring. Lorrie and I were glad to do that, heck it probably meant more time at the reef.

 Lorrie and I snorkeled through and around that reef. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. Huge schools of Blue Tangs swimming by. The water was crystal clear. As a matter of fact, Jorge called the eastern end of that reef the Aquarium. We didn't get back to Playa La Plata until nearly 2:30. I would say he MORE than made up for the little interruption of taking Stella back. We saw flying fish on our little trip. Had a blast with Regga (hope I spelled that right) and Jay.  Regga was instrumental in demonstrating against the U.S Navy  and played a major part in the  large-scale protests on the bombing range in eastern Vieques.

I put together a video of our trip with Little Boat Sailing:

After that Lorrie and I hung out on Playa Plata for until about 4pm. I wanted to leave early enough  to call for a kayak rental for the next day. Before leaving we spent some time talking with Dave and Christine from Utah. We offered them the use of our cabana since we were leaving early. Christine knows of our little blog.

 Jorge and Regga  had both encouraged me to call a friend of theirs, Donty, for the kayak rental. They told me he was a local who was trying to get a kayak business going. On our drive out of the refuge I picked up a phone signal around Playa Chiva. I gave Donty a call and he said no problem. He could rent us and 2 person sea kayak for Monday and deliver it to Playa La Plata in the morning. And you know what the best part of it was? He said it would only be $30 for the whole day. Doesn't get much better than that.

Having taken care of the kayak rental before even leaving the refuge we decided to take a quick drive up through Monte Carmelo, since we never really got to the other day. On our way into Monte Carmelo I took a picture of Ron's container house:

We ended up getting kinda lost up in Monte Carmelo. All the twisting narrow roads. I finally made my way back to 997 and told Lorrie "we're heading home". Home...yeah...that's what I called our rental house in Vieques. If only...

When we got back to the house we were both exhausted from the day and we couldn't believe it went so  fast. It seemed like just an hour or so ago that we were locked in at the rental. First thing I did was to shower. Lorrie said she wanted to check out the pool and make a few phone calls, neither of us had really looked at the pool yet.  When I finished from the shower I walked out to the pool, camera in hand,  and took a few shots of Lorrie:

While I was out at the pool I decided to take a look at the outdoor shower.  I was looking at it and thinking out how nice it would be to use this outdoor shower,  then I turned and saw "the Keep" looming over head. Kinda defeats the purpose of the outdoor shower...having someone watching your every move.

To think that soon they'll be another one of those monstrosities on the other side of this house...jeez. They sooo dominate the landscape.

After Lorrie finished with her phone calls and we ate I began blogging. I was in the house for quite a long while. I hadn't seen Lorrie so I decided to go find her. She was on the outside bed thats' on the veranda. I took this picture of "her majesty" laying under the mosquito netting reading.

This last shot is looking down towards Lorrie from the far end of the veranda.

Tomorrow is kayaking out to Lemon reef.



  1. I think we have an addition to our to-do list while in Vieques! Looks like a great time!

    1. I'm uploading the video from our kayaking today. We can't decide which we liked best. Both were great. Check out our kayaking video...you might have 2 things to add. Still planning on planting that cotton for ya.


  2. When I showed Jason your video he made the comment that he often thought of taking the kayak from Ababor and going out in the same area. I just watched your kayaking video and I think you are right...I have two things on my list!

  3. Hi Curt and Lorrie, found your blog a couple weeks ago and love all the info I am finding on Vieques through you. We are taking our first trip there coming up this March. I have been so excited til I saw the footage of Casa La Vista- which is where we are staying- yikes!! had no idea of the house directly looking at the pool!! and all the bars- whats the deal with that?? We are truly not planning on spending much time at the house, mostly exploring the island. Would love any tidbits you could fill me in on the place and what "extra" things we may need to pick up on our way there (lots of ice, coolers???) thanks!!! and keep posting- all great stuff. reagards, Chris

    1. Chris,

      Now that we've been in Casa La Vista for a few days we're beginning to like it more. Yeah...they need a larger frig. We bought more ice cube trays and are leaving them with the house. Maybe you can get some use of them. The drive into the place is kind of a pain, but a lot of houses on the island have this sort of drive. We ended up pulling all the way down the drive and turning around, even though Dennis told us to back in. The master bedroom cools down really nice, well at least it does here in Feb. The little beverage cooler with the house is toast..it leaks and the handle is broken. Seems like a little thing I know..but if you don't have anything to take..say tea or water to the beach it's a pain. And then if you have to drive into Isabel and buy one, you waste more time. The locks all over the place are a pain..but they're there for our protection. We've got the hang of it now.

      Ok..enough of my complaining. We decided today that the house has the best Caribbean view of any of the houses we've stayed in thus far. The pool is beautiful..but we never use the pools, we come here for the beaches. Ample beach chairs with the house. Quiet...oh so very quiet this house is. Can't emphasize how quiet it is (we'll other than the garage doors that serve as windows on "the Keep" going up and down). I know..I said I wouldn't complain. This is a very nice place. Maybe an 8. We would have given it a 9 but the locks and the tiny frig trump that. Your gonna love your stay here.


    2. hi again, thanks for the info! wanted to ask you a question- our flight is not in til 6pm on Sat. Will we be able to find a store to pick up first night essentials... water, snacks and spirits :) I am assuming that it being a Sat night we will be able to find a place to grab dinner. Also, how far a drive is the nearest town? Sounds like you guys are having alot of fun! We are so ready to get out of this cold snowy town.... thanks Curt, Chris

    3. Chris,

      Morales is open until 7pm. The Green store in Esperanza is open until 9pm. If that doesn't work you could always have Dennis stock some stuff in the house..but really it's not necessary. If it were me, I would drive into Esperanza and go to Duffys and grab a burger or something. You could do Tradewinds..it might be quieter, depends of what you want. Just getting in from a day of traveling all your gonna want is a place to set and "chill-ax". Then after dinner go over to Lazy Jacks and have a drink...check out the Malecon. Now being a Sat..there's gonna be a few people in Esperanza..so be prepared for some difficulty navigating the Malecon. Lorrie and I usually park on the east end of the Malecon near the beach. There's a turn off. Very difficult to find parking down by the restuarants on a Sat.

      Your gonna be about center or close between both Isabel and Esperanza. You can be in either town in 10 minutes, once you find your way around. It gets dark here around 6:30. The roads are very narrow and steep, horses in the way. It'll take a day or so to familarize yourself with the island.

      We'll be glad to answer any more questions you might have.