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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be careful what you wish for.....

Ah...wasn't it just yesterday I was reflecting on how nice it would be for everyone to share our perfect day on La Plata. Looks like a few people heard me. We had at one point 23 people on La Plata, literally wall to wall people.  Ok...maybe I'm pushing the envelope a bit, but stay with me on this.

A funny thing happened while I was wading in the water over to the rock gallery. I passed a fellow heading back to shore and  he commented on  how beautiful it all was. I replied "yep...it's perfect." Then he said "Except for the crowd".   Well that was the green light for me and I went on to say this was strange and we didn't know if it had something to do with the Travel and Leisure award or just what was going on. I went on further to say that this was more Feb. crowd. He looked at me kinda strange and said "geez man ...I was just kidding." Well I guess  it all depends on your perspective doesn't it.  I can hear Judy and Andre now "Curt you need to stop blogging about this beach". They even threatened to start an anti-La Plata blog to counter mine.  I miss those two.


We decided to leave La Plata early, like 2:30. The crowd was just too much for Lorrie, I was partially to blame too (maybe more). I mentioned that we should drive over to La Chiva, we've not been to any other beaches yet. She agreed. Off to La Chiva we  went and counted 19 cars at the turnouts on the way out (and that was without pulling into turnout 10.)  Nope...no La  Chiva today.

How about Pata Prieta, I ask? What the heck, let's give it a try. 9 cars packed into that little parking spot at the very bottom. The road was really, really washed out down to it and there were two rental "cars" down there. Wow...brave souls.

At this point we were too deep into it and just had to go to Caracus to see what kind of crowd was there. 49 CARS we counted:

Not quite a mad house but lots of people...man oh man, lots of people. We ended the tally by going to the entrance to the lane that heads back to Garcia. I expected a dozen cars at least. There was one. Ha...we're heading to Garcia tomorrow.  I wonder if the holiday had anything to do all the people?

So here we are. It's about 2:45 and we don't know where we are we headed. I ask Lorrie what she wanted to do? Head to Esperanza, maybe out to Playa Grande? Believe it or not she said she was kinda beached out for the day (that's something you don't hear very often from her, but we did get to the beach at 9am today). How about driving around and looking for houses, she asks? I agreed and that's what we did.  We decided to head up to Monte Carmello, again, and look around. We ended up doing  much better this time, recognizing some landmarks to get our bearings. We stopped for a moment at what others have called "the Castle". I took a couple shots:

 Stunning views from up there, you can see forever. We did end up finding one house that we had looked at on-line, as has been the case when you get up close and personal they look a whole lot different. We're slowly finding these places and learning the island, guess that's really the point of the whole exercise.  After some unsuccessful house hunting we headed into Isabel to get gas. I had 1/4 tank left so it was well past time. I got some video of it:

With a full tank of gas we both decided to head back to our casa and just take it easy and by the looks of the clouds out to the east we probably made a good decision to leave early cause it looked like rain.   We got in  just in time to beat the rain and see another rainbow...how about that. I got video of it and  you can also see the views with  some of the veranda of the place we're staying at now:

Not a bad way to end the day. We have an appointment with a realtor on Tuesday to look at a place were interested in. Wish us luck.




  1. Just curious....what is the price of gas at the moment?

    1. regular is .97 and premium is 1.09, per liter of course.