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Friday, November 9, 2012

Lost in Villa Borinquen, again....

Today Lorrie and I decided to take a drive around to look at houses instead of heading to the beach first thing. What we ended up doing was getting lost in Villa Borinquen, for the second time. We did find Casita Seaglass on this latest trek, but my gosh is it easy to get turned around out there, then you hit these roads that just stop and there's hardly anywhere to turn around. We saw some real stunners of houses being built way the heck out in BFE. That I found strange, these really nice homes with next to no road and houses right next door that looked more like salvage lots then residences. I should have taken some pictures, but quite honestly I was all "white-knuckled" driving out there. . Our jeep has this clicking sound on the right front wheel, I think it might have to do with the brake it doesn't sound like a bearing to me. Anyway...we were heading up this nearly vertical road and I needed to put it into 4WD. When I did the decibel level of the clicking sound went vertical too. Lorrie immediately say "STOP, something's wrong...I'll look at it!" So I ask her "and what are you going to look at?"  She can't answer and just says she's going to look at it.  I tell her it'll be ok...it's just the steepness (which I had no idea at all what the heck was wrong cause it was loud). When we finally summit  Everest I put the jeep back into 2WD and things quieted back down to it's normal cadence. What I think we learned from this second trip out there is that it's not for us. I don't think I would want to deal with those crazy roads on a regular basis.

There was a house in Lujan that we wanted to try and find. What we ended up finding was the very top of a monster hill. Those houses up there have spectacular views. The jeep was groaning like never before so we decided to just head to Sol Food and grab some lunch, since we were in the neighborhood. I had a Bob Marley and Lorrie had the pulled pork. That's some good stuff...gawd is it ever.

By now it's after noon and we finally head out to the refuge beaches. Our destination is La Plata but we detour to Escondida to see what it looks like. Well...what it looked like was yuk. There was so much seaweed/grass built up on the beach that really..there was no beach and it kinda had an odor to it.  There was another car that had come down behind us. They were unloading and heading to the water. We pulled next to them as we were leaving and told them about all the seaweed on the beach. We also told them about La Plata and that we thought they would like it much better.

When we got to La Plata there was on one vehicle and they were in the hut, can't say I blame them. It's a nice hut!. When I walked by they asked if I would take a picture of them in the hut. I told them sure..especially since I built it. We had a conversation after that about how much the liked it and of course the survivor comparison came up again. They even ask if we wanted to stay in it. I told them heck no, it'll motivate me to build another. Which it did:

Our neighbors to the south couldn't believe how fast I put it up. They too made the Survivor reference (jeez...you would think that Survivor invented the palm frond hut). I ask Lorrie how long  it took me to make it. She said about 30 minutes. Wow...I couldn't believe I got it done that fast. It too has a little holder for our MP3 player. Lorrie and I just hung out and took it all in. Weather had been perfect all day. Water was really calm on today and warm. Getting such a late start meant that it didn't last very long. Before we knew it that time had arrived:
I had mine in a coconut I had opened. I drank about half the water, added a little ice, then finally a nice shot of scotch:
I took some video of us enjoying the a late afternoon on La Plata:

One thing happened today that assured us we've arrived. Lorrie ask me what day it was...I hesitated and had to think for a moment. See ya tomorrow...I still have shopping video I need to edit.



  1. I am curious where is Villa Borinquen you were? We stay in what is technically that secotr, but don't drvie up a single hill. I guess I have no idea what Villa Borinquen really consists of land wise!

  2. Well there was a place that looked like a concrete batch plant. Also take the road that Casita Seaglass is on south (I think it's south) and make a couple of turns to the right and you'll see what I mean. Rainbow realty has a 3k+ home for sale out in Villa Borinquen right where we were driving around in. Head to the end of Villa Borinquen near Monte Carmello and you run into the same thing. There seems to be a deep valley between a couple of massive ridges that comprise Villa Borinquen. Also Monte Carmello near that big water tank is way the heck up there.

  3. Oh wow, I have no idea where that is...but might try to find it on the next trip out of curiosity! We stay right off the "dump road", maybe a tenth of a mile off the road away from the beach(playa volito). We have always loved it! Good luck on your search!