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Monday, November 5, 2012

Morales, lost in a sea of blue...

When we left La Plata our intent was to go to  Morales and get provisions. We had been told that Tuesday most things would be shut down do to the election.  I forgot just how serious the local political game is here in Vieques.  We had  heard that there were to be celebrations in Isabel, so going to the Morales on 200 made sense, besides we like that store. When we arrived it was closed. We had forgot it is only  open until 12 noon on Sundays. It's the main one in Isabel that is open until 6pm. So...we headed into Isabel and found a sea of blue Evelyn tee shirts and the town was abuzz with music. Lorrie and I dove right into the mix, not understanding a single word of the music, but enjoying the pulsating beat and revelry The road that Blackbeards is on was closed and a huge party was going.  I got some video of it:




  1. How do you like being in Bravos this time?

    1. We're not in Bravos, we're in Los Chivos. We'll be in Bravos in Feb. We did drive around Bravos yesterday and I have to say I like the hills better. Maybe if we stay in Bravos I'll change my mind.