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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Garcia Beach day....

As I indicated yesterday, Lorrie and I were heading to Garcia beach for the day. Knowing full well about the little hike to get back to it we condensed our gear as much as possible. Having beach chairs that double as back packs are invaluable on little treks like this. We got to the gate where you park about 9am. To say it was buggy is and understatement. The air was so thick and the mosquito's out in mass. We managed through it and made it back to the beach (it's only like a 15 minute walk).  Garcia beach looked great. Not a lot of seaweed, and of course not another soul. I did notice right off all the garbage laying along the beach. Sandy sure must have kicked up some waves on Vieques.  I planned on doing some cleanup, but first it was time to build a new cabana. Lorrie took some shots along the way. All the material were found on the beach. Nothing...was cut, it was all fallen or washed ashore deadwood.

How is it that these pieces of rope can get so tangled up in the ocean.
How bout this find. I'm thinking I can use this on the roof and then lay the palm fronds on top.

While I was building the cabana Lorrie was sitting in one of the beach chairs reading (that's what she's supposed to do and  it works out perfectly) some kind of bug landed on her. Let me tell you  that girl can jump when she has a mind to. We got a picture of the bug, it was huge:
After all that work I was ready for a break and something to drink. I told Lorrie about all the land crabs I saw back under the palm trees. I also saw some nice green coconuts that had fallen. Lorrie went with me back in the thick of it. She was behind the camera:

After some coconut water it was time for me to get busy cleaning up  the trash on the beach. We only brought 4 big trash bags with us.  We had  bought a new box for beach cleanup and this was the last of them, the rest had been used on La Plata. I ended up making a sled out of the rest of the netting and dragging the trash down to the barrels.  We have video of the process:

We stayed on Garcia until 4pm, sat through a couple rains. It didn't matter though we where high and dry in our new hut.
We have no idea where we're headed tomorrow.


  1. I am not sure if you guys have made the trek, but if one day you are looking for something to do and haven't, try the walk along the river bed to black beach. Your comment on land crabs reminded me of this amazing spot along the bed, where the land crabs are crossing it (not sure why)in armys. We have never seen so many at once and the pure sound they made over the leaves was something very ...."Viequesk".

    1. We did when we stayed at Quinta Jabali, but that was a year or more ago. We need to do that again.

      thanks for reminding me