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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just another hut....

Yes we've finally made it back and of course, there's a new hut on La Plata. Took me all of 2 hours to build, that and a little blood. Yep...I had a slight accident with the Gerber folding saw, and naturally, it was right at the onset of my construction.

We were able to glean some valuable info from my mishap. WE DON'T HAVE ANY FIRST AID AT ALL in our beach gear. (Note to self, put together a simple first aid kit for the beach.) The only sterile liquid I could think of was coconut water. So I found a smaller green one and gave the finger a quick coconut water-bath. Next  I "cowboy'd up" and  pushed through the construction.  Here's a couple shots of Lorrie in it:

Another new addition to our beach gear (aside from the first aid kit that we'll have tomorrow) are these kewl bags that my mom made for us to take. They're made from those plastic grocery bags. You know..like the ones we pick up on the beach.  Recycle plastic bags...is that great or what. And...they're tough as nails, plus since they're woven they breath. We've got two of them on this trip. Hut built from material found on the beach...bags made from used grocery bags...yeah..we're green Vieques.

  My cabana construction inspired the only other couple that was on La Plata with us this morning. Their names were Lutz and Zoey  (I hope I spelled that right). They're from NYC and came with their two young girls Tess and Ellen, who I managed to grab a shot of while they were enjoying the cabana their mom and dad built for them today:

One other couple showed up right as I was finishing the cabana. They were Al and Liz,  also from NYC (I'm telling ya the east coast luvs Vieques.)  As I was tossing palm fronds on top of our place Al yelled over to me "please don't vote me off the island!" That's not the first time my cabana building and "Survivor" have come up together. He was banging a big green coconut against a piece of rock, trying to get some coconut water. I took the time to show Al how to get into a green coconut by cutting the top off of it with a knife.

Even though Sandy didn't hit Vieques we could seem some substantial beach erosion from the waves she created. The beach is now in the process of healing and is slowing building back the powder white expanse we love. I had ask Al what he thought of Vieques and the beaches, him being from Hawaii. He said these are as good as the best beaches in the world, we agree although we have little to compare to.

Lorrie and I began creating the rock gallery on the far edge of the beach again. We sat up a dozen or so pieces. I'll take some shots of them sometime in the next couple weeks.  We stayed at La Plata till about 4:30. We still needed to get to Morales and stock up.  More on that later.


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  1. Hey, can't believe you're already there! That's great, now we can get a Vieques hit on a regular basis for the next couple of weeks!

    Have a great time & keep the posts coming!