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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Invasion of the moonies....

Got up this morning, had coffee and fruit, headed out to La Plata around 9:30. We weren't the first ones there but our cabana was empty. Got things set up and began our morning yoga. After the yoga we took a swim over to the gallery (amazing just how easy Judy and Andre make the swim each morning. Lorrie and I are still struggling). I took some pictures of the pieces we have in place so far:

This particular rock below I found out  in the water. It was the same one Andre and I dug up out of the water in Feb. Andre really liked it and thought it looked like and angry snarl.

Yeah...I know, enough of the rock balancing. I have people ask me "why do you do that?" I like to answer this way "Rather that ask why, ask why not!"  Most don't get it, especially if they ask that question, so we just smile and go on.
Today was a designated clean up day on La Plata. Sandy had washed up so much garbage that Lorrie and I just couldn't stand it any more. The place is looking much better after today. Lorrie took a picture of me with one of my loads, headed to the blue trashcans:
Around 1pm  a familiar site rolled up onto La Plata, Jorge from Littleboat Sailing  He was taking a group out for an afternoon sail

We grabbed some video as the group headed out:

Now to address the title of this post. It was when we were filming Jorge heading out  that we noticed some jellyfish, actually we noticed quite a few of them. Small ones, no bigger than a quarter, to ones about 6 inches across. I was unable to get video of them, but here's what I'm fairly certain they were:

Moon jellyfish. According to what I've read their sting is rather mild, somewhat like the nettles that grow back home. Lorrie and both touched the top of it, felt like wet leather. This was the first time we've seen jellyfish on the beach waters in Vieques.
Later in the afternoon a couple showed up with two dogs. One was a basset hound and the other was a black lab. They both loved the water. Lorrie got some video of the two of them playing with their owners:

It was 5:30 when we left La Plata, last ones there.

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