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Monday, November 5, 2012

from Roundup Ultra to The Glenlivet

We've finished our first video installment for provision procurement on Vieques (that was suppose to be the theme for this trip.) Our reason  for doing this is because of all the questions new visitors to Vieques have regarding getting food and if it's better to bring stuff over from the main island. I really was amazed at just what all we found at the Morales in Isabel. We plan on filming the walk-in frozen/refrigerated section at the Morales on 200 later this trip.  We spent $210 at Morales, but we bought a bottle of scotch, bottle of gin  and two six packs of beer (Stella Artois and Sapporo). We've now got enough to get us at least past the elections (cause everything will  be shut down tomorrow). Anyway..here's the video:

We left our Hilltop apartment this morning about 9:00am. We were the first ones on La Plata, our newest cabana standing by to greet us good morning. First order of business was some liquid bandage for my finger. I planned on doing some snorkeling today. Here's how I got the job done (courtesy of Morales):

and here's our new first aid kit:

After I got my finger all stitched up Lorrie and I did our morning yoga (gawd I was stiff) and then we took a swim out to the rock gallery. We used our new swimming goggles we had bought for this trip and they worked out great.  Lutz and Zoey along with Tess and Ellen showed up not long after we finished our morning swim. All told we saw 12 people on La Plata today. I went out to snorkel one time and  I saw a type of angel fish that I had never seen before on Vieques. It was dark purple with bright orange stripes. Saw some squirrel fish and the rest of the regular reef dwellers. Oh...our new snorkel masks worked great too.

We stayed at La Plata until 5pm, first ones to arrive and the last to leave. When we got back to Hilltop we had this sunset waiting for us. Wonderful day...perfect.



  1. Thanks for the video of Morales. I felt like I was back on the island. Enjoy your stay.

  2. Perfect weather again today. 86 degree when we left this morning. Water temp felt like 86. 86 degrees when we were driving home from the refuge. For us it's more than just enjoying the place, it's like getting back home. The novelty of Vieques just won't wear off for us. Glad you enjoyed the Morales video. More shopping videos to come.