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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little guy

Never really got around to checking on the tree swallows as they hatched. I did noticed that the adults were busy around the box a number of times this month. Finally yesterday I decided to open the box. All I found was one dead young bird (it had been dead for some time as it was very dried out). I looked around on the ground to see if I could find any more, but didn't.

This evening when I walked by the box I heard something peeping in the grass. Walked over and I saw this little guy -
So...I looks like at least one of them made it anyway.  As I was taking a picture of him one of the adults flew over.
Things are starting to bloom in the fields now. Compass plants are sending up tall shoots, and rattlesnake masters have their strange heads forming. I took a picture on one here on the left.
Lots of butterflies now are busy with the monarda that's coming into bloom.  I can see culvers root in bloom out in the middle of the fields, but haven't walked out to see it because of all the mosquitos right now. 

I did see that the monarchs have been busy and grabed a shot of this on a milkweed plant:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

5 eggs now

Here's a picture this morning of the tree swallow nest. There's now 5 eggs and the nest is lined with feathers.