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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Grain of Sand....

Lorrie and I watched a really good program about a fella that bought an island and spent the next 40 years turning it back into it's natural state. The name of the program is called "A grain of sand" and it's about  Brendon Grimshaw’s love of Moyenne Island. Brendon died last month. You might check it out...good story about a pretty amazing man. We watched  it on Top Documentary Films. com. It's one of the free  sites we use for our television viewing.

It looks like Hurricane Issac might be stirring up a few grains of sand on Vieques this Thursday, if the current forecast holds true. That's  fine as long as we get all these pesky  hurricanes out of the way before the first two weeks of November.

Back here in Indiana recent rains have ended the worst drought in 50 years. Most all of the crops around this area are a total loss. For nearly two months we were having highs higher than what Vieques was having. Crazy...

Work on the cabin is progressing nicely. I will load some pictures soon. The outside is 100% finished. I've got the inside insulated and the ceiling finished  with tongue and groove cedar.  Last weekend I managed to get about 50% of the drywall hung.

Only 10 week till we're on the island. We plan on buying new snorkel gear before we go. I broke one of the straps on my fins last trip and we're ready to upgrade to a nicer set. We also plan on buying some kind of wet suits...it will be mostly for our Feb trip.