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Debt free empty nesters...ready to stretch our wings. Life is good and we plan on making it even better. This blog is mostly about our trips to Vieques Puerto Rico, with a few odds and ends thrown in about our life after the mortgage.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Look...

The load time on the old header always bothered me. So we've decided to change our banner for the blog. So far it looks to me like things are loading much faster.  The picture we're now using was from our last trip to the island. It was shot from Quinta Jabali.
Still haven't decided on what houses we're going to stay at on our November trip to Vieques.


Monday, April 11, 2011

My other car is a bike....

In my ongoing effort to cut expenses as much as possible (how else are we going to afford all of these Vieques trips!)  I've decided to give commuting to work via a bike a try. Notice I said try. It is 9.5 miles from where I live to where I work. Lorrie and I go to the gym 4 days a week (Wednesday is a rest day). The plan is for me to ride with her to the gym, using her vehicle to take the bike to the gym (6.5 miles), and then after my workout, bike to work (another 3 miles). I will then have to do the whole 9.5 miles home from work. From what I've read it's doable, we'll just have to see. I rode to the gym and back Sunday. That's 13 miles and yes I was tired but I made it. I have some financial motivation involed in this  endeavor also, I bought the bike this past Sunday and have over $600 in it. I fiqure that I'll pay for the bike in under 3 months with current gas prices, even less if the gas trend continues. My truck has a 24 gallon tank and I'm using over 3 tanks a month commuting to work, you do the math. At the very least I would like to pay for the bike, if it doesn't kill me first.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Next Trip in progress

We've bought tickets now for the next trip. This will be #4. Airfare has gone this way over the 4 trips: $900, $1100, $1200, $1400 (that's for both of us and is total price to get to the island). This change has happened over one year. Our first trip was March of 2010. Last trip we had 1200 in flight, 700 in car rental (that's for two weeks), 1900 for the first house and 900 for the second house...I'll let you do the math.

We've yet to decide on what house/houses to rent.  We're thinking about doing the Fruit Tree's house in Los Chivos this time, but have't really decided for sure yet.  We enjoy going to a new house and reviewing it. Will probably do Casa Dos Chivos for one of the two weeks. Lorrie said that there's no way we're staying some place without internet access this time because of all the problems I had trying to upload via Tradewinds or what other free internet we could find.

Would like to travel with some of our friends to Vieques, but no takers. We have made a few friends on the island now, but would like to meet more people who love the place as much as we do.