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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In our trips to the island we've met a few people who have been doing some spearfishing. Now that Lorrie and I have improved our snorkeling skills to the  point where we feel  somewhat comfortable, I was considering trying some spear fishing this next trip. I've done  a lot of fishing and also worked at a hunting guide for over 8 years, so it's not like I don't understand the harvesting of game. It's just that I've never tried spearfishing before. I'm currently trying to educate myself as to the sport. I've yet to get a feel for how it's viewed on the island. I would only be hunting for fish that Lorrie and I would consume. Lot's of details to work on...what kind of gun, how to travel with it, fish identification, safety.

Here's some video of a gun I was considering. It's an Omer Cayman.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beach Cabana....

I've had a number of people ask me about the beach cabanas I built when were were in Vieques. So I decided to put a picture of one that we built last Feb.  on Orchid beach. Here a shot of tit:

This one I put some diagonal bracing on and it really seem to help with the wind coming in off the ocean.  When you build these it's important to make sure that you make it large enought for a couple of beach chairs and your cooler. We even hung out under this one when some rain came in.  I usually find some sort of stick to use as a shovel so that I can get the poles down at least a foot...the deeper the bettter. There are plenty of dead palm fronds if you look for them . I wouldn't advise cutting off fresh ones.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Curt, where are you!!!

Ok...so I get this email yesterday from the owner of the hilltop apartment that we're renting in Feb 2012 asking me "Hey Curt, what's your ETA for arriving on Vieques tomorrow."


I can only wish.

So I fire off a reply and tell the guy that per our lease agreement we will be arriving on the 4th of Feb. 2012. Now at this point I figure it's over and that's that. But no,  I get another email today and the guy sounds like he's a little nervous about why I'm not on the island yet. He tells me he's sent text messages and left voice mail for me (he left 4 voice mail messages today). At least he's making one heck of an effort to contact me.

So when I get home from work I call him and explain what the lease agreement said. I ask him if he saw the dates? He said he would call me back in a minute, which he did. I guess he just now read the lease agreement that he wrote two weeks ago.  He appolized for all the confusion and couldn't figure out why he thought we were arriving August 4th 2011 instead of Feb 4 2012.

I dunno....I hope this isn't some sort of omen for our Feb trip.