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Saturday, September 23, 2017


Here is  a synopsis of where things stand now, 3 days after Marie. I also have included  what few images have emerged from the island.   I will finish this post with pictures of what Vieques really is and what it will come back to sooner than most might think. Our hearts are breaking. 

As of today no water. Real bad. No gasoline. No food. No communications. Many, many homeowners still have no idea the extent of damage to their homes. A lot of displaced people. Many of the wood homes completely destroyed.  Extensive folage and vegetation destruction  island wide. It is being encouraged NOT to come down to try and help. The social fabric is very thin right now and resources are extremely low. There are reports of organized looting, but that element was always present. FEMA is supposed to be on island today to set up call centers. The main island is suppose to be setting up temporary cell towers. Only 10 planes are being allowed to land at SJU for now and they are reserved for rescue and supplies. So far no fatalities. A lot of people have had no contact with loved ones and friends since Tuesday eve. It is bad.

Here are some of the few images being seen:

I leave you with pictures of what Vieqeus really is. The pictures of destruction are temporary, transient. These pictures below are what it really truly is. We've met so many people, great people and had such great times. I know we have many more ahead.  Donate to help Vieques if you can. Any little amount will help. Here is the link to Kelly Thompson's go fund me. This is legit and will go directly to the people on island.