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Monday, August 31, 2015


I do hesitate about this, it's almost like if I mention it I will bring bad luck and misfortune to  our endeavor. But here it goes:

We've signed all the paperwork,  well at least what I have been told of thus far.
We've put monies down.
Now we wait.........................

If you've been in Los Chivos you should know this house. We've driven by it for years. I remember thinking to myself  "what a lucky SOB that owns that place."

It has, most everything we've been looking for:
Multiple places to hang out
One level
Roof top deck
Center island location
Enough property for me to garden
Quiet, oh so very quiet. 

What it has that we WEREN'T  looking for is a lawsuit involving property lines. Resolving this will probably take an eternity. But we're ready and patient. 

None the less, it feels like home, well at least to me, Lorrie hasn't even seen it yet. She'll get her first glimpse in 10 weeks. 

So there it is. I hope it works out. We love the area and the house. Our journey begins. 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sargasso seaweed....

When I was on Vieques a week ago I could see masses of it drifting into shore. The first day I was on La Plata there was no seaweed, two days later it was really getting covered. The above picture is from Sun Bay it had no seaweed.

With all the talk about the seaweed on the beaches I thought this primer on the seaweed might be helpful to some:

Sargasso Sea Teaser from LookBermuda | LookFilms on Vimeo.

I haven't mentioned how my quick trip went, yet, because we haven't gotten "official" notification that we are in contract. We have signed papers, but like everything else, it's determined on island time. This will be a long process, if it happens at all.