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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feb trip....

So....I've been thinking, what's going to be the theme for the Feb trip to Vieques?

Food....Not just any food, but good food.

There's so much chatter on TA about where to get food stuffs and what places to eat, What does it cost. Do I need to shop in SJU, yada yada.

So I'm thinking, as I set here eating my beet/grapefruit/spinach/pine nut salad, lets' do this same thing on Vieques. We usually do  it anyway, but don't film or document it. I mean, I eat this sheit every day. We can do this. I've cooked green curry chicken for Judy and Andre, we can do this.


Now the pressure is on Lorrie to develope the menu for this trip.