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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three and one half weeks left...........

Three and one-half weeks left till we leave for Vieques again. Lorrie and I have been religious with our diet and workouts. We've had an ongoing competition to see who'll make the most progress. Now...at three weeks out she has, without a doubt, lost more pounds than I have, but it has yet to be determined exactly how the winner will be chosen. We were both in relatively decent shape when we made our first trip to the island, some 7 months ago. I offer the below photo as proof:

So...the question becomes how to accurately gauge the progress and exactly what areas need to be improved upon and used as benchmarks. The first possible area of contention is visable, albeit very slighty in the photo below:

In order to be fair and unbiased I feel it necessary to also include the next photo, which I only took  to show how clear the water was on that day and in no way was meant to capture anything thing else: