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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Car Alarm

Tuesday evening

Stopped by the Green store for a few provisions, couldn't find coffee filters. I bought a bag of charcoal knowing I would exhaust what was in the garage at the house. We were tired, it had been a long day, so we headed back to the casa.

After passing through the gate to the property I saw that another horse was inside. I stopped the car and got out. I had Lorrie open the gate as I was trying to coax the horse back out. The only thing I accomplished was giving Lorrie a good laugh as I ran back and forth. The horse had no intent of leaving the property. Exhausted, I gave up.

When I finally pulled in at the top of the drive I somehow managed to set off the car alarm (no gas gage but plenty of alarm volume let me tell ya). Lorrie started laughing again. Having failed at my horse wrangling earlier as was determined to conquer this situation. I pushed every imaginable button on the key-bob, restarted the car, yelled at the car..and nothing. Lorrie is still laughing. In an act of desperation (I know the neighbors are thinking WTF!!) I popped the hood and disconnected a battery terminal. I was glad that was over.

The plan for the evening was to grill out burgers. Since we've been loading up on carbs we opted not to purchase any buns. The only problem was that we didn't purchase any condiments either and there were none in the house. So...we heated up the red beans and sauce that we had purchased 2 days prior, outside the Sun Bay entrance, and poured it over the burgers. It was surprisingly good. We did splurg and buy some Haagen-Daz strawberry ice cream for desert. Had it and two pina coladas by the pool.

It was a very clear night and Lorrie suggested that I get out the telescope, which I did. After some fiddling I was able to find (M42) the great Orion nebula. I showed Lorrie. She thought it looked like tuffs of cotten. One last pina colada and we turned in.

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