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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Packing Suitcases....

Only 5 days now till we fly out. Temperatures here in Indiana are hitting 50 degress today. At the rate they're rising they should be near 80 when we depart....just kidding. The week we left for Vieques last November there was record warmth here in Indiana, with temps up in the 70's. The week we returned we had our first snowfall and it's been snowing, icing, blowing and freezing ever since. Last Friday it was 9 degrees on the way to work.

Today I confirmed our flights with Continental and Cape Air. I'll print out E-tickets next week.  I have all the contact #'s for the property managers at Casa Dos Chivos and Quinta Jabali written down and stored in our cell phones.  Also have numbers for Martinue car rental, this will be the first time we've used them. We've always used Maritzas in the past. Hopefully they'll do as well.

We'll be leaving Indy @ 6:15am on Friday and arriving in San Juan at 4:00 or so. Well be staying in San Juan that Friday and flying out on Cape Air early Saturday. This is the first time we've flown the trip this way. Always seemed to be a problem arrriving on the island after 5:00pm as most of the  car rental agencies are closed.

We plan on taking some time to check out properties for sale on the island this trip, even though most are out of our league. It seems unbelievable to me that people are paying the prices they are for some of these houses/stuctures. Coming from a commercial constuction background I know what's involved in building/pouring these concrete houses.  I had heard that the cost of delivered concrete is somewhere around $170 a yard.  Seems reasonable to me. Given enough plywood and 2x4's or better yet metal forms, I could build one hell of a house.

Oh well nice to dream.


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